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Hello to all,
the problems on my computer, it was larger than I expected
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I'm buying a new computer, I was using a:

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I think a new computer will help me to do even better images for you guys

the problem is that in Brazil, everything takes a long time, but I promise to return as soon as possible, thank you all for your patience, especially my clients
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Ordeal : Mirror Image - 22 by Daniel-Remo-Art
Ordeal : Mirror Image - 22
Story by :iconjimbor:

Joan was devastated.

 I am too late the heroine thought as she continued to look down helplessly at her nude and silent C O

Even though her eyes were no longer locked onto those twin pulsating light beams emanating from the damn machine Roberta made   no response.  Her naked body remained tense and rigid, like a statue and her face was still frozen in that terrible mask of wide eyed distress   

Heartsick at her perceived failure Joan’s agitated mind leapt to the “worst case” scenario

 Oh God forgive me. I did not get here fast enough. Roberta’s mind has been destroyed.   And it is all my fault Damn me for my failure

  A wave of recrimination and despair clutched at her heart and clouded her mind   and the usually bold and resolute   woman was frozen into uncharacteristic inactivity. She could only stand there in confusion and despair.

Mean while.

  Dr Pretorius was immensely enjoying her captor’s distress.  Sharing Joan’ conclusion that her machine had done its work and taking satisfaction in the perceived fact  that Roberta was effectively out of the picture  for good the crafty criminal scientist was already  plotting her next  move .

 This is not a problem she said to herself referring to Joan’s arrival

 Such was the Dr.’s  arrogance and supercilious belief in her own talents and abilities   that she saw Joan’s arrival and her own  imminent arrest as only a temporary setback and was  already considering which secret ally to contact  or which  clandestine contact s to black mail in order   to get herself released from custody

 With Slut – Berta out of the picture  her silicone sows of the Fuck Force   will be confused and in disarray  just  like Ms. Big-Tits over  there  she thought , looking over  at Ms Victory  who remained  unmoving , gazing down at her apparently comatose C O . The devious Dr. considered her options and came up new plans I will arrange for one of my friends to be immediately placed in command   of those over endowed air heads   and so my plans for their degradation and destruction will proceed. And I will arrange for General Jugs to convalesce in that special private hospital where I can personally take charge of her recovery and very special therapy. And Mr. Harper will be right out of the picture .This all could work out very well for me.

Patricia regarded Ms Victory with a faintly superior smile, telling herself again. Yes, this big titted bimbo’s arrival makes no difference. I will soon be back in control

 Joan on the other hand was having a hard time staying in control.   Dusty and the rest of her colleagues back at FFHQ was contacting her, looking for an update and the increasingly distraught    super heroine   could not bring herself to respond.   They call me a Super Woman, but in spite of all my strength and power I could not save my Commander she though, slipping into a mental abyss of guilt and recrimination What good am I?  She wondered dejectedly

Then out of the corner of her eye Joan saw something. Shifting her focus she saw Roberta’s right hand was frantically flexing and gesturing and pointing.

“Roberta! General! You are all right!  Oh Thank God “Joan proclaimed joyfully as she stepped back and clapped her hands in a gesture of pure unfiltered elation and profound relief

The conscious and in control ,though still  naked and helpless officer gave her rescuer the thumbs up sign  indicating that she was all right  ,  then urgently resumed  her right handed   gesturing and pointing 

Joan saw this and started to ask” What do you mean”, as she shifted her gaze in the direction indicated by the ebony Amazon’s frantic fingers. Her inquiry was cut short when she  saw , that  Roberta  was  in fact pointing to  that “ retro rape machine”  that was connected to ( and still powered) all  those  invasive dildos that  continued  to vaginally and anally   violate and stimulate her and those wicked hurtful clamps that continued to torture and tease her plumb dark  nipples and the tip of her long pink  tongue. Now that she no longer had to contend with endless torrent of insidious hypnotic impulses and the already implanted bits of programming that had very nearly over whelmed the last of her mental defenses and taken over various parts of her brain, and which were now   melting away like snow in July.  As a result her mind was soon free and clear and she completely in charge and in control again. But this also meant that she had to face the full force of the sexual stimulations still  flooding in    from that dammed rape machine with a completely open and receptive (and almost exhausted) mind .The brave bare black woman was being aroused to the point of climax, and though she understood that that this endless tide of erotic electric impulses had been cruelly crafted to bring her to verge of orgasm, and keep her there. Roberta found herself wishing more than anything that she could finally cum and achieve a climax and lose herself in that the wonderful blessed orgasmic release.

But only for second

None of that Bertie, You have been through too much and held on for too long to weaken now she admonished herself.  Besides the aroused Officer added there is now way I am going to lose control now and make a spectacle of myself in front of my girl Joan.

But I need her to turn off this damn machine NOW the beleaguered Black Amazon mentally (and desperately) concluded

In any case it  all soon became entirely academic as Joan swiftly stepped over to the perverse device and began flicking switches and turning back knobs and doing all she could to shut the terrible machine down. She considered just destroying it with a single punch, but rejected that option, thinking that sudden destruction of the device might cause an electrical short or send a final surge through the system could somehow further torment or even injure Roberta.

  I had better not take the chance Joan thought , though she also knew it would feel so good to destroy  this terrible  device that had caused her C O such grief  But this isn’t about me  the patriotic Powerhouse concluded  I have to do what is best for Roberta .

With the machine shut down ,  Joan saw with relief that Roberta’s captive nude body seemed to relax with  an almost audible sigh of relief .The heroine also noted that machine was labeled as the “STIMULX 3000, and various control knobs on the front  panel had setting for WET,HORNY and ORGASM as well as FRUSTRATED, EXCITED and HOT   The heroine wondered  what kind of sick mind could come up with and use  something like this and then was conscious of a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach when she realized the answer – namely the people who had masterminded this insane plot and kidnapped Roberta  and held her as a  prisoner for all this time . The Patriotic Powerhouse began to speculate on what else they were capable of and just   what they had done to her C. O., as she carried on moving around the table and releasing the clamps that had held Roberta helplessly in place, beginning with the clamps that held the nude General’s right arm and proceeding from there, getting angrier and more upset as she moved along, opening each restraint. Realizing that she was becoming distracted and knowing that she was “on duty and had to stay focused (and realizing that she had already almost “lost it”, the Patriotic Powerhouse recalled her C. O.‘s advice to” stay in control  and   turn your anger into passion and make  your passion into power “ . She concentrated and re focused   and found that, as always happened before when she fallowed her Commander ‘advice she was now much more focused and effective . Taking a moment to acknowledge the wisdom and “battle field smarts “of her Commanding Officer, Joan reflected on how lucky she and her colleagues in the FEM Force were to be serving under such a capable and caring officer  and how glad she was that Roberta was still with them


“I’ll have you free in a second  General “  the star spangled heroine  called , from the far end of the table where she was releasing the right   leg restraints  She was heartened  to receive  a second “ thumbs up” sign  but was more than a little dismayed to see how red and raw and chafed ,was  Roberta’s ankle  She must really put a fight and never stopped  struggling  Joan thought , hugely impressed by this indication of her General’s  indomitable spirit .

This indication was confirmed as Joan completed her circuit of the table, arriving at her naked Commanding Officers right arm. There the heroine  saw  that , not content to wait ,Roberta had  already reached over with  her free hand and was working on the  restraining mask’s  gear mechanism  located at the base of her jaw which  locked those damned invasive  contoured padded bars in place  forcing  her mouth open and silencing the nude Black woman  in a most painful  and demeaning manner  . As soon as her left hand was free the resolute officer reached up and over and went to work on the gear arrangement on the left side. Before Joan could move in to help Roberta’s strong nimble fingers found the release mechanism. Pressing of both sides at once the bare Black champions “blind” efforts were rewarded with an audible click as the padded bars snapped back together and Roberta was able to lift the invasive array up and out of her mouth.  Then she carefully opened and removed that “fucking clamp “from the tip of her tongue .The valiant soldier breathed a sigh of relief and thought Thank Christ. This madness is finally is over as she gratefully massaged her jaw and rubbed her chin   Roberta paused a moment and mentally added   All right Bertie  No Time for slacking You need to  take charge  right now  and wrap up this insanity  .

 And so it was that  as  Ms Victory , still  terribly concerned about what Roberta must have had to endure , and  beset by feelings of guilt at not being able to get here earlier  was about lean forward and ask  her bare breasted Commander if she was O K , Roberta  beat her to the punch .

“Status Report Soldier” she demanded, looking her super powered subordinate straight in the eye., quietly reminding the Patriotic Power House  that this was no time for sentiment and personal feelings , she was still “on the job “and needed to stay focused on the mission .

 Mightily impressed by her C O ‘s discipline and strength of character ( and realizing that she was right ) Joan reflexively stood to attention and brought  her newly freed but still nude Commander up to date .

“Yes sir General “

“I encountered no significant resistance as I made my way here”

“The complex seems to mostly empty”

“There was a guard at the door to this room, but I easily disarmed and incapacitated him”

“He is unconscious and should not pose a threat “

“The only other occupant of this room is a young woman who immediately surrendered to me”

“She is currently standing quietly in the center of the room, away from any equipment “  

“Back up Forces led by She Cat and    are on en route and should be here within 45 minutes “

“That is all”

Roberta replied almost immediately in a strong clear voice


Maintain surveillance and watch the perimeter”

“I will be with you directly”

“Yes Ma’am , General “  Ms. Victory replied in a clear  tone   and saluted .

Knowing that Roberta  would want ( or rather insist ) that she free herself  and  seeing that she was able to do so , Joan made no further move or offer to help release her  brave bare breasted  C O  Instead she took up her assigned position ,keeping  a close eye on  the room and her new prisoner , who stood quietly , now avoiding eye contact .

Energized by the arrival of Ms Victory (Her Girl) and the knowledge that her Ordeal was over at last the resolute, though still naked Black General carried on. She had already gingerly removed the masks   demeaning nose and   invasive eye hooks.

Joan glanced back  and saw that  her naked C O  was now reaching up to unscrew the vertical clamp that held her head motionless on the interrogation table  

With that task completed Roberta was able to finally able to lift her head and ease off that damned mask. Holding it out at arm’s length knowing that her former captor, that shitty little psycho scientist Patricia Pretorius would be watching closely she pointedly dropped it on the floor in a gesture of unmistakable contempt and understated triumph.

That felt good   the bold but bare assed Black officer thought, allowing her a moment of satisfaction in the act which signaled her re assuming sovereignty over her person and re gaining control over the situation even as she reached up and deliberately detached the cruel tight nipple clamps which so effectively tormented and teased her breast buds.

That felt better she mentally added

Finally free of the all encompassing distraction of the relentless mental assault and sexual onslaught of the conversion process Roberta now had to contend with cumulative effects of all the physical abuse she had endured. It was if she was being slammed into a wall of pain  

Though every joint felt like it was on fire, and every muscle was screaming the tough minded ebony Amazon mentally punched through pain.

“No Time for that now Bertie “she quietly told herself as she reflexively compartmentalized the discomfort and moved on

With a mighty effort and on the second attempt Roberta  pulled herself up  , swinging her legs up and over the side  and  found herself sitting  upright  facing that fucking STIMULAX 3000 machine . Suppressing the urge to kick the damned thing over Roberta banked the fires of her anger  Keep your mind on the job  Roberta  she silently reminded herself  , as she reached down to disconnect the wires the connected those  big  invasive pleasure stiks , still  firmly lodged in her sore and over stimulated  love holes to that disgustingly effective  sexual arousal  machine  

 Resolutely she carried on, regarding the “reverse chastity belt still locked around her waist, then looked over at the diminutive Dr., who was staring at her, visibly shaken by the General’s recovery. Patricia was now reluctantly conceding that her earlier assessment of the situation might have been overly optimistic. Roberta met her gaze and after glancing down again at the “rape belt”, gave her former captor a hard look.

Shaken by the force and implied threat of the bare breasted Black woman’s powerful “peel paint off the walls “glare, Patricia comprehended and complied with the unspoken command. After receiving silent permission from Ms. Victory she produced the key and carefully handed it over to the Patriotic Powerhouse who passed it along to her C O.

Patricia had briefly considered doing something to frustrate the procedure eg feigning ignorance at what was being demanded of her or recovering the key and then   contemptuously tossing it aside. But lacking the courage to deal with the  imagined consequences of such an act, the devious criminal consoled herself with the rationalization that she would be able to leverage her cooperation to her advantage later on.

 Mean while Roberta slid off the table and though her legs were weak and wobbly, and she was bone weary, through sheer determination she stood straight and tall, proving to herself and the world that she was stronger than the pain and exhaustion, impressing Joan and” rattling” Patricia in the process The tough minded Black woman carried on carefully unlocking the perverse belt then setting the lock and key in the convenient shelf set in the central column of the examination table

Now to get myself free of the disgusting contraption Roberta said to herself. Glancing up she noted that Ms. Victory had positioned herself directly in front of the Dr. blocking the perverted criminal scientist‘s view. Grateful for   the modicum of privacy and  restored dignity  that this action provided  Roberta silently  thanked “ her girl “  for the gesture  as she slowly , slowly , slowly, slowly  eased off the belt gradually   drawing out the anal invader and the vaginal violator from her tender  and over stimulated  cunt  and her  over stretched and sore ass hole

“ Ahh. Ahh. Ahh . “ But strong  and determined as she was Roberta could not suppress the gasps of pain (and increasing arousal )that   signaled   the all too slow “ withdrawal” of  those damn dildos .

And ironically that act of regaining her personal sovereignty   also pushed the indomitable Black woman over the edge into an unwelcome climax. This final dose of stimulation resulting from the withdrawal of that deviously designed Rape Stick delivered to her already hyper sensitized clit   was more than the newly liberated officer could resist


 Roberta  bite down on her lip almost drawing blood and was just barely able to suppress an orgasmic wail, though it took a supreme act of will  But there was nothing she could  do to stop the gush of cum that     oozed  down her inner thigh , accompanied by an almost audible  “pop “  as the “Rape Stik” was finally withdrawn 

 Damn   she thought. Even after I am free these fuckers manage to inflict one last humiliation on me

 The beleaguered General winced as her cruelly overstretched love holes were finally (and painfully) able to retract to their normal circumference

Christ! It never seems to end .Roberta thought   

But the tough minded officer, realizing that she had a job to do tried to put those negative thoughts out of her mind. Anyway she was just soooo relieved to have finally freed herself from the last of all those damned degrading tools and devices that had caused her so much torment and grief and very nearly defeated her. She decided to concentrate on that


 A rush of ecstasy filled her soul as she allowed herself brief heartfelt sigh of relief and a moment of pride and satisfaction at having endured all the torture and torment that her captors had put her through and triumphed over this Ordeal. She felt renewed and revitalized

That feels best of all

But that moment was all too short lived as Roberta became aware that her plump pussy lipps and muscular inner thighs were thickly covered in her own cum which was now oozing down her legs

What a mess she thought deciding that the first order of business was to get herself cleaned up.

There is no way I am going to meet my girls and oversee  the shutdown of this shit hole   ,looking and smelling like this  the proud Black woman mentally declared

Looking around and finding nothing suitable in the immediate area the sharp minded soldier recall those  “ wet wipes “  Patricia had used to clean the cum off her face after the shitty  little bitch had unwound that disgusting female ejaculate stained  panty hose mask from off her head  . Shuddering at the memory Roberta none the less decided to immediately check  out that  area in hopes of finding what she needed

“Maintain surveillance Soldier .I will be with you directly “ Roberta  spoke in a rather stiff and self conscious tone as she stepped past Ms. V and moved toward the  nearby work station desk on that  slightly raised platform

“ Yes General” Joan  replied taking care to keep eyes averted and spare her C O any extra embarrassment

 Recalling how relieved she felt when Roberta had first signaled to her  that she all right and also how impressed  she was when  her General  had pointedly freed herself from the awful mask  and got up off the interrogation table un aided the  perceptive star spangled super heroine  also detected a note of stress and agitation in her C O ‘s demeanor 

Not surprising when you considered what she must have gone through Joan thought ,and hoped  that Roberta , a woman she respected and admired was proud to count as a friend , in immediately assuming command   was taking on too much too soon

Roberta ,meanwhile made her way to  the desk and easily located a unopened carton of “wet wipes “ in a one of the deck drawers  and unexpectedly , next to  was a stack of  brand new  cotton panties , still in their wrappers

I don’t even want to think what she used these for Roberta thought, recalling how her captor seemed to eschew the wearing of any under garments. Taking up a handful of the too small squares of chemically treated fabric Roberta set to work, carefully wiping her cunt and inner thighs clean. The task was awkward and slow as the cleaning clothes had to be constantly replaced and it did not help that Roberta was stiff and sore in every muscle and joint. But the ebony officer persevered and eventually the job was done. Tossing the last crumpled wet wipe in to a nearby waste basket. Roberta reached down again into the drawer to the stack of panties .Choosing a pair (pristine white with black border) she quickly unwrapped and  slipped them on .Naturally they were much too small and the Black officer had to struggle a bit to pull them up .And once on they truly emphasized her luscious nether lips . But Roberta did mind .She was just glad and relieved to be, at last clean and no longer completely naked .Then she glanced up and to her surprise, met the smug smiling gaze of Dr Patricia Pretorius   A wave of irrational embarrassment and shame washed over the beleaguered General as she realized her former captor had been watching the time  and had enjoyed the spectacle  she had inadvertently made of herself Once again Roberta felt an all too familiar sense of profound sense of violation as a peeping tom has been spying on her in the bathroom

Oh Christ she thought, they have done it to me again! Will this never end ?When will I  be free of this  monster ? Roberta asked herself as her mind teetered on the brink of despair. There a roaring sound in her ears .Right at that moment she just wanted to die .

NOOOOO!  She silently shouted, finding the strength in the presence of her comrade Ms Victory and the imminent arrival of more of her girls to pull herself back from the abyss

‘”I cannot let them down .Not now .Not ever “she whispered to herself “Time to get back in the game “

  Again she looked over at Dr Patricia Pretorius’s and stared into her smiling smirking face. This was the sick sadistic shitty little runt who was ultimately responsible for all that madness and grief and humiliation and pain she had been made to endure. But no more! General Roberta Octavia Strock was in charge now.  A wave of cold blind fury rose up within her as she thought about all that had been done to her   . She wanted to kill that little bitch with her bare hands ! She wanted to smash that fat smug face to a bloody pulp. She wanted…   Then the ebony officer‘s steel strong will reflexively asserted itself and she was able to keep her temper

  But Roberta realized that if she was going to  take charge  of the situation  (and prove to everyone including  herself  that she still an effective  commander )   she needed to deal with all this   anger at what had been done to her as well as the irrational  guilt and shame at allowing it  to happen .She pondered for a moment then looked at the Dr. who looked like she was already planning her next operation

 General Roberta Strock knew what she needed to do  

“Time to get down to show everyone who is the boss” “ she said quietly .Stepping away from the table The Black officer  fixed her gaze on Patricia and strode forward the former captor.

“Are you all right General?” Ms V asked as her nude newly energized Commanding Officer stepped resolutely off the platform

“Not quite yet, but I will be soon. Maintain your surveillance while I take care of business   “Roberta replied in a grimly determined tone as she closed in on Dr Patricia Pretorius, striking fear into her heart

The diminutive scientist tried and failed to maintain an insouciant facade at her former playthings approach .It was all she could do to keep from cowering as the Naked Amazon moved in close, seeming to tower over her

The General addressed her new prisoner in authoritative    no nonsense tone

“All right Dr” Carefully take off that fancy head set and those glasses and slowly pass them to me “.  First and foremost the tough minded  Officer did not want her  newly minted  prisoner to use that ever present  communication device to send a message to her allies and associates  in the  outside world . She knew all too well that this insane conspiracy ran deep and did not want any of the traitors and criminals involved to have chance to escape or work out a counter attack   The failed criminal entrepreneur compiled, handing them over to her one time victim who took them and placed them on a nearby metal shelf, next to a coil of that all too familiar red cord and a silver box cutter. The ever observant officer noted them. Must be some of Harper’s restock she mentally speculated. I’ll bet that asshole has similar caches all through this hell hole / complex The panty clad  brave Black warrior took a measure of satisfaction in the knowledge that he would never get a chance to use them.  On me or anyone else the General observed.  And next to the rope Roberta saw that damn slave collar, in an open unlocked position with the key laying next to it . So that where he put it  Roberta thought   She further noted that there  was also an assortment of conventional office supplies including  printer paper post note felt pens and masking tape on the shelf  and summarized that these were the restock materials that Patricia used  when she worked here on this insane scheme  .  But that terrible work is over- For Ever Roberta forcefully concluded as she carried on

She turned her attention back to her prisoner

   Now for phase two and some personal payback   she thought, with no small degree of anticipation

“All right Patricia. Strip. Hand over your clothes. Now! “Roberta demanded

What? No! I won’t “replied the Dr. in a shocked tone, clearly caught by surprise by this order



Roberta back handed the Dr. Unused to pain and again caught by surprise the   petite prisoner shrieked in shock as much as pain. As she staggered back Roberta stepped forward.   Grabbing a handful of the failed criminal mastermind’s short black hair the nude Black warrior got right in Patricia’s face and addressed her through gritted teeth   in a tone of cold controlled fury.

“Now listen to me, you shitty little bitch. I am calling the shots now.  You will fallow MY orders .My Girls and a team of Federal Marshalls will be here directly to dismantle your sick little joke of an operation and cart you and your lap dog Harper off to jail and I will be God Damned If I am going to meet them like this, dressed in a pair of skin tight panties, with my boobs hanging out. You took my uniform so I am going to give you a dose of your own medicine. So get undressed and give me your clothes. NOW! I won’t tell you again “Roberta raised her free hand as if to strike the defeated Doctor once more

Patricia got the message and nodded fearfully. Roberta released her and the would be criminal entrepreneur slipped off her lab coat and timidly handed it to Roberta who carefully set the garment aside, draping over the back of a nearby chair, located next to a table  and   nearby  the shelf where the Blue tooth array and safety glasses lay   

“Carry on “Roberta ordered in a clear firm tone.

Patricia hesitated as if she could not bring herself to continue 

Roberta regard her  prisoner  through narrowed eyes and then suddenly jerked her head and upper body forward as if she was about to lunge at her captive It was a fake move but it had the desired effect With a fearful cry  Patricia leapt  back  .  Now once again totally cowed, the failed criminal conspirator hurriedly stripped off her crisp white blouse and meekly handed over to her captor. The ebony Amazon allowed herself a brief smile of triumph as she checked and emptied the pockets carefully placing everything she discovered on that shelf next to the lab coat, draped over the back of that nearby chair   The meticulous minded and soon to be completely clothed Officer wanted all of the Dr.’s personal effects and tools and devices to be kept separate and undisturbed, for forensic study and examination. That task completed she glanced back at Patricia who was awkwardly unbuckling her belt and sliding off that short black skirt. Roberta watched carefully making sure that the devious little freak did not attempt to palm any of the electronic devices hanging from the broad black leather belt. The ebony Amazon saw that her captive was clearly still too intimidated to try anything like that.  But she wanted to be sure Anyway  where would she hide them? She would have slide a cell phone into her cunt and shove a mobile device up her ass ,  Roberta smiled at the prospect  and then concluded that as, sick and twisted as this little psycho was , she probably did not have the  fortitude  to do that    As she watched her new prisoner reluctantly disrobe  Roberta acknowledged  the fact that she  had the “life style choice “to forgo wearing any under wear  and so would soon be completely naked  I’ll bet she regrets that now  Roberts thought then mentally added  Not that I would let her keep her bra and panties even if she did wear them


 The Generals musings were cut short as the defeated Dr. handed over her last item of clothing .Roberta then carefully removed the various electronic devices hanging from the belt and placed them on the  shelf along with everything she had found in her search of the Dr.’s blouse. That task completed, Roberta spoke again to her nearly naked prisoner

“Now the boots’

But they will never fit you “Patricia protested

“You let me worry about that runt   “Roberta replied sharply “Right now you should be concentrating on fallowing my instructions and behaving like a good little prisoner. After all that is now your new reality so you had better start getting used to it “the bare breasted Black officer added, with a distinct tone of triumph in her voice

Reluctantly the defeated villainess complied and  awkwardly pulled off , first the right and then the left  boot  and passed them both to Roberta    As she had done with all the previous articles of her prisoners clothing  the conscientious but still nude General subjected  the footwear  to  a thorough inspection  ,  l even checking the heels to make sure  they were not hollowed out   . This move might have seemed a bit extreme but Roberta had learned firsthand just how devious and obsessive this little psycho could be and was taking no chances.

 Satisfied that her new outfit was” clean” Roberta regarded her newly naked prisoner with a faint sardonic smile. Briefly noting the Dr.’s pale skin, lean frame, thin legs   unremarkable breasts and bald cunt, Roberta’s faintly contemptuous facial expression made it clear she did not think Patricia Pretorius (or at least her body)   was anything special

Anger began to trump Patricia’s fear. It was bad enough to be forced to surrender her clothes and stand naked before her former prisoner, a woman she had been able to happily and endlessly insult and abuse but now to be so quickly dominated and effectively disrespected by that same woman was just too much

Wanting to demonstrate that she was not intimidated  Patricia asked “Well are you satisfied? “ in voice that was supposed to be sarcastic, but came off sounding  merely petulant

“Not yet “replied the ebony Amazon in a mocking tone, then pointedly added “But I will be soon “Taken aback by this implied threat Patria fell silent  and sank to her knees

Time to get dressed Roberta thought as she stepped a short distance away, deliberately turning her back her former captor in a move which   clearly demonstrated   that General Roberta Strock knew she had nothing to fear from her former abuser

I‘ve almost forgotten what it like to be wearing clothes “   the General thought and smiled as she pulled on her new outfit, while Patricia looked on in impotent indignation.

 Roberta found the new ensemble was far from ideal .The white blouse fit her like a second skin. It was almost impossible to button up and it detailed and revealed every aspect and detail of her voluptuous (and still sore and swollen) breasts and prominent nipples. The sleeves rode mid way up to her forearms.  The black skirt ,even   with its wide belt barley covered her  the curve of her ass  I will definitely feeling a draft  Roberta observed , with more than a trace of humor as she tucked the hem of the  blouse  into the leather  belt .  This will really empathize my boobs the tough minded Black soldier  further noted but she was unconcerned for she also knew that the starched white blouse and jet black  skirt  would help create a truly   no nonsense ( almost military)  appearance  ( has it had for her captor )and that fact  was much more important to Roberta  and her state of mind .

 Bending forward  to  pull  on the boots ( and deliberately thrusting her ass in that  Patricia’s direction in a deliberate  gesture  of contempt in the process ) Roberta found   that by some miracle of anatomy the footwear actually and comfortably fit her Seems like I am on a roll she thought

Clothed at last and feeling very energized and empowered she stood up straight and tall in a  “hands on hips “triumphant  pose  which drew Joan  and Patricia’s full attention Both  heroine and prisoner  gazed at the Black Amazon ,  each one very much impressed with what  she saw  the other ,rather angry  and indignant  

General Roberta Strock was truly a striking sight.


 Ordeal : Mirror Image - 21 by Daniel-Remo-Art

Somebody save me by Daniel-Remo-Art
Somebody save me
a play on the 3d model of Lana Lang…

I will soon receive the new computer
and I use different programs to make images, if I get some time without posting images, do not worry, I'm trying to improve the quality of my images, and it takes time. ;)
Beach Blanket Bigotry 03 by Daniel-Remo-Art
Beach Blanket Bigotry 03

I had, and still have, a lot of guilty pleasures in my life. One of them, when I was a little girl, were those old 1960s beach party movies that they showed on cable TV. The ones that starred Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. They were corny as can be but I LOVED watching them with my grandmother. And being a little girl with an active imagination I'd daydream my own beach party. In them I was an adult on the beach belting out tunes while prancing around in a bikini. And, of course, the people were all dancing and digging the scene.

Thanks to Boomsday At The Beach my daydreams of bygone years had just become a dream come true. There I was, an adult on the beach, belting out tunes while prancing around in a bikini. And, of course, the people were all dancing and digging the scene. And, OF COURSE, my luck being true to form, the dream became a nightmare. Something far worse than Harvey Lembeck arrived to mess things up.

My "Eric Von Zipper" was the so-called Friends Of Humanity.

Somehow those racist extremists found out I was secretly a mutant and picked me as their next target. They ambushed my performance and swarmed in like army ants. ARMED army ants. They were prepared to fight a war. My first instinct was to lash out and give them that war. But my friends...They would have been hurt or killed if I did. We all had those laser targeting lights on us. And, even if I managed to dodge the sniper's bullet, and save the band with a blinding dazzle-burst, there was still the audience to consider. Innocent bystanders would have been caught in the resulting crossfire. I could do nothing. Nothing except let those creeps take me. 

They bound and gagged me and threatened to kill my friends if I tried anything.  If my silver bikini even shimmered funny...

The crowd that attended my performance was now, literally, a captive audience. One held at gunpoint and forced to watch THEIR show. A show with me as the reluctant guest-star.

Not only was I accused of being a mutant. I was accused of being a SUBVERSIVE mutant. Those assinine witch hunters were either lying flat out or were seriously mis-informed about me. The speaker of the bunch claimed I was using my "freakish lights" and "freakish voice" (?) to brainwash the unsuspecting "true" humanity. That I was making them submissive to the will of their future mutant masters.  I tried to protest. But gagged as I was it was impossible. My "freakish voice" was stopped up and muted. Still I tried. And got knonked on the head by a rifle butt for my trouble.

When I recovered from the blow I was off the stage and on my knees in the sand. And I was looking right up at the old hanging sign post. The large one that once held the beach's name and displayed a map of the area. (Concession stands, restaurants, rest rooms, life guard stations and such.) Part of the bracket had been sawed off leaving only one of the two hooks left. And on THAT hook was a hangman's noose.

These bastards were gonna LYNCH ME!

I glanced around. My friends were still on the nearby stage. Along with their armed guards and the creep in charge. The audience was still held in place by their guards. All of them forced to watch my public execution.


A large, big-wheeled, pick-up pulled up next to the sign post. One of those white-garbed weasels was driving it. Three more of them were in the back. I figured they were going to put me on top of it and then drive it out from under me. I would fall and the noose would either snap my neck or choke the life out of me as I dangled.

Make no mistake. I was SCARED! Seriously seriously scared.  But I was angry too. Angry enough to not blubber like a baby in front of them.

I noticed two helicopters circling around. A news and police chopper respectively.  Obviously the police couldn't do anything for fear of endangering the hostages. All they could do, for the moment, was watch. Like everyone else who was there.

And my super hero friends? Clearly they had more important things to do than attend a beach party.

Let's face it. I was screwed.

As I thought they would, they dragged me to the truck. I dared not flare up. My friends would be murdered if I did. They probably would be killed anyway after I was dead. I wouldn't put it past these miserable assholes. I didn't want to die. I wanted to lash out and give these hate-mongering ass-wipes what they deserved. But could I live with myself if I caused the deaths of people who have always stuck by me through thick and thin? People who knew what I was and still loved me? No. No I couldn't.

They placed me on top of the cab and put the noose around my neck. After they jumped clear of me the creep in charge spoke from the stage.


Oh what a load of bull.

Then he ordered, "DO IT!"

The monster truck, (I think that's what these things were called), peeled out from under me. This was it. I was going to...

Float like a balloon?

I heard some of the creeps below me swear JUST before the thunderclap. Clouds rolled in and the wind blew. There were flashes of lightning that struck with a surgeon's precision. Causing those near me, that were holding weapons, to drop them. I only knew one person who could do that.

{Do absoulutely nothing, Ali. Just play along. I'll get you out of this.}

Jean Grey? Of course! Who else could make me float in the air?

Those two helicopers that were buzzing the place vanished and were replaced by Jean and Ororo, (the lightning weilder), and a...floating camcorder?  The choppers were a mental illusion brought on by Jean.  And both she and Ororo were wearing bikinis. Which meant that two of my super hero friends DID have nothing better to do than attend a beach party.

I glanced over to the others to see weapons of all sorts floating up into the air and then bunch together. Jean then hurled them out to sea. Then she made all the FOHs' also float upward. And when she spoke it was in that scarey Pheonix voice. She didn't have the Pheonix power anymore. But she could still do the voice. That and Storm's thunderous background made for a truely biblical scene.



They really didn't know? All of this crap was based on a lucky hunch?


To this very day I don't know if Jean was using telepatic mind control or just psychology. Or perhaps both. But she was doing it for the benefit of the audience and anyone else who was watching. Jean Grey didn't lie. She told the truth. But she did it in such a way that people naturally assumed I was an innocent homo-sapian who was the victim of circumstance. It didn't occure to them I WAS a mutant who was a singer with a gimmick. That I only wanted to entertain. And that the lives of my friends and innocent by-standers...homo-sapians all...DID matter to me.

Then Jean got down to business. 





And with that the Friends Of Humanity all, every one of them, screamed. They begged. Pleaded. Sobbed. Some even soiled their pants.

"Jean." Storm looked concerned. "What are you doing to them?"

"A couple of years before you joined up we original X-Men investigated a mutant manifestation." Jean replied in her normal voice. No one else but Ororo and I could hear her. "When we arrived we found the mutant. A young boy barely in his teens. Younger than Iceman was when his powers manifested. He was beaten near to death by an anti-mutant vigilante group. Adult men masked in hoods. A precurser to this group. We tried to save him but we were too late. He died. But not before I probed his mind. I experienced everything he did.  The fear. The pain. The confusion over it all.

"Well now THEY are experiencing the EXACT same thing he did."

"Works for me." Ororo replied. "Always loved poetic justice."

Ororo stopped her stormy display and came over to finally untie me. As she removed the noose I noticed that floating camcorder was aimed right at us.

"Our sincerest apologies, Alison Blaire." She said as she began unbuckling the gag.  "We thought it best to record the crime in progress. To, forgive the pun, give these cretins enough rope to hang themselves." 

I later learned that camcorder was being used to record the concerts for one of the New Mutants. When this mess started Jean decided to use it to gather physical evidence against the FOH.

When that damned gag came out I replied, "All things considered, Storm, I gladly forgive you.  Thank God I had my mutant friends in the audience tonight."

I said "mutant friends" to add to Jean's efforts to convince everyone that I WAS just a gifted singer with a gimmick. A singer who had mutant fans.

"Indeed." Ororo answered as she began to work on my armbinder. "Are you all right, Alison?"

"I will be when I find the idiot responsible for all this." There was no humor in my voice. "I'm gonna kick him in the ass so hard my footprint will be found on the INSIDE of his tongue."

Ororo smiled that slight smile that meant she approved the idea. "I'll see if I can make it happen."

Jean stopped her mental assault just moments before that poor mutant boy had died. Probably to make sure none of her victims would accidently think themselves to death. The floating Friends Of Humanity suddenly found themselves back in the present.

Jean resumed her Phoenix voice and Storm, after releasing my pinned up arms, joined her. I was gently lowered back to Earth.


And with a dramatic gesture every mask flew off their heads, exposing their faces for all the world to see. Jean made a point of having the camcorder record those faces. Then the camcorder floated over to me just as the Friends were all bunched together and lowered onto the beach.



One of the Friends was sent floating over to me.


He looked at me. Still shaken by living through that assault on the mutant boy. I looked at him. One would think I would turn around and walk away because he's suffered enough. One would think that. One would be wrong. I kicked him in the nuts. HARD! Because of this fool I was the catalyst in what's become the worst Boomsday in its' history. My friends and co-workers were threatened with death. I was almost killed. Needless to say I was PISSED OFF royally. I couldn't dazzle him since it would ruin what Jean Grey tried to do. And this prick deserved far worst than my usual right cross. So I attacked the ONLY thing manly about him.

As he fell to the ground, red faced and groaning, the formally captive audience applauded.

THEN I turned and walked away.

And, with that, the two X-Men flew away.

The FOH's stayed put. Either too stunned or telepathically ordered to not move.  I raced over to my friends. Marx, Hunch, Beefer, Dave and Dan. They met me halfway.

"Guys, are you okay?/Ali, are you okay?"

"Guys. I am SO sorry this happened to you."

"Why are you sorry?" Beefer was the first to say. Then he indicted the FOH. "THEY'RE the assholes responsible for all this." Every one of them agreed. Marx, Hunch, Beefer, who have been with me since the start. The new guys, Dave and Dan. All loyal. All sticking with me through thick and thin.

How I cherished them. I couldn't help myself. I broke down and cried as I embraced them all.

The police came in and rounded the FOH up. After we were done dealing with them the band and I had to deal with the reporters next.  After all the hulabaloo was over the boys went back to the stage to pack their instruments. I went to our van to change clothes and remove the face paint. I didn't want to be recognized for the rest of the evening. My posse was just arriving with their gear when I stepped out. Looking like any other blonde babe with a ponytail. And wearing a crop top, cut-offs and flip-flops.

I helped them load their stuff and then Dan asked...

"Well, what now? Go someplace to drown our sorrows?"

"You value your eyesight, Danny?" I asked.

"Yes, I do. Why do you ask such a question?"

Marx, Hunch and Beefer knew the answer. Dave pretty much figured it out.

"Because the last thing anybody who values their eyesight wants to do is hang around a drunk Dazzler."

Dan got it and we all laughed for the first time since our beach party got crashed.

"No, my friend." I said. "What were are gonna do is get some munchies, march back to that beach, and find a nice spot to sit. Then were are gonna enjoy the fireworks. Because that is the only thing left of Boomsday At The Beach that those Fatheads Of Humanity didn't ruin for everybody." 

Because of the Finks Of Humanity, and the hullabaloo that followed, the Boomsday schedule got messed up. The last concert of the evening, the MAIN one featuring Heart, was cancelled. A lot of us were disappointed. Some people got downright angry. For a moment I thought there was going to be a riot. But no. Thank God the worst that happened was foul language.

Later, as we marched across the beach with munchies in hand, two women joined us. A fair skinned redhead and a dark skinned exotic beauty with snow white hair. No doubt Jean made it so no one would recognize them. They too had changed clothes and had munchies in hand.

"Mind if we join you?" Ororo asked.

"Guys." I said. "You are MORE than welcome."

We found a spot and waited. Eating and chatting. Then the show began and we watched colorful explosions in the sky. Mutants and homo-sapians sitting side by side.

My friends in humanity.

The conclusion of a :icondaniel-remo-art: :icondave-dreamer: Production.

Dazzler, Jean Grey, Storm (c) marvel

Commission for :icondave-dreamer: thanks for the commission.

Beach Blanket Bigotry 01 by Daniel-Remo-Art Beach Blanket Bigotry 02 by Daniel-Remo-Art



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