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Daniel-Remo-Art's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke No Point Commissions by SweetDuke

Unleash your fantasies
I'll do whatever you ask me, bondage or not.
I do not images of children.

How it works:
1 - Send me a note saying what you want, as detailed as possible.
2 - I'll answer if it is possible or not, (some clothes, are very difficult to do in 3D), I will inform the commission amount.
3 - If you agree, send me a note saying YES, I will return my e-mail from PayPal to you pay.
4 - I will wait for payment when I confirm it, I start the job.
5 - I'll send you an example of the avatar and the situation for you to make adjustments.
6 - After all in agreement, I will create the final image, and I'll send it to your e-mail with high resolution, if you agree, I'll post on my DA, with due credit.


Creation of a female human character: $ 20 (if you choose to use one of my characters that are not charged)

Creating an image with 1 angle: $ 30
Creating an image with two angles: $40


image with 1 angle: Wonder Woman Hogtied by Daniel-Remo-Art Supergirl tied by Daniel-Remo-Art Powergirl Fondled by Daniel-Remo-Art
image with two angles: Sara exercising herself by Daniel-Remo-Art Amy spanking by Daniel-Remo-Art

PayPal Only Stamp by pjbatter

Any questions, send me a note.
.:Bondage:. by OnyxNocturne Jessica Rabbit Stamp Animated by DJWill
GREMIO IMORTAL by brenotricolor

Anime OCs and Adotables

Sun Aug 10, 2014, 6:34 PM
This journal is only to present my OCs and adotables, style anime/manga

I have some anime OCs, they come from an old desire of mine to create something without the 3D, they bring together what I like to see on girls in animes and mangas, so do not expect great stories, I have them just for fun ;)

Kaori - is my first and greatest passion, she gathers characteristics of various anime characters,
she is a pretty and petite girl who loves basketball, video games, and working as a model, is sweet and shy, is an idol in school, to be very beautiful, everyone likes to take pictures of her, especially in embarrassing situations.
Has been drawn by several different artists:

:iconeudetenis: My OC Kaori by Daniel-Remo-Art My OC Kaori 2 by Daniel-Remo-Art Dancing with Kaori by Daniel-Remo-Art My OC Kaori 6 by Daniel-Remo-Art My OC Kaori 7 by Daniel-Remo-Art Earth Defense Teenagers - Lunch Break by Daniel-Remo-Art Pet Lolishop by Daniel-Remo-Art Kaori Linda 2 Vezes by Daniel-Remo-Art Kaori Sweat by Daniel-Remo-Art Kaori caught unaware by Daniel-Remo-Art Kaori Maid by Daniel-Remo-Art Kaori Tied by Daniel-Remo-Art

:iconhyanna-natsu: CC - Kaori 1 by Hyanna-Natsu CC - Kaori 2 by Hyanna-Natsu

:iconannsquare: My OC Kaori 3 by annsquare by Daniel-Remo-Art

:iconrusinstein: My OC Kaori 5 by Rusinstein by Daniel-Remo-Art

:iconlufidelis: My OC Kaori 8 by Daniel-Remo-Art

:iconstudioar2: Kaori by studioar2 by Daniel-Remo-Art

:iconkitty-honey: Kaori by Kitty-Honey Kaori gaming in bed by Kitty-Honey

Evil Kaori - 

evil version of Kaori, comes the idea of ​​a different Kaori, same look, but personality is completely different
arrogant, evil, and does not like to study, and has a habit of seducing teachers, for they raise her grades, if I ever order a manga, will be a hentai story with this Kaori, a bad girl entering into trouble.

Kaori On A Chair by Daniel-Remo-Art

Daniela - Sexy Brazilian women, is a dancer, but makes several temporary jobs to get money, I created her for images of bondage, and I have some sketches ready, but the DA does not allow me to post

always drawn by :iconeudetenis:

My OC Daniela 01 by Daniel-Remo-Art Pet Lolishop by Daniel-Remo-Art Earth Defense Teenagers - Lunch Break by Daniel-Remo-Art

Earth Defense Teenagers - comes from my idea of ​​super heroines from different parts of the world, each representing a deadly sin, and always work in pairs, I already have the idea of the last two girls, but still do not have images of them, one of them is hatred, the one who fights alone:

Earth Defense Teenagers by Daniel-Remo-Art Earth Defense Teenagers Coloured by Daniel-Remo-Art Earth Defense Teenagers Attack by Daniel-Remo-Art Earth Defense Teenagers - Lunch Break by Daniel-Remo-Art

Yori (Young samurai of Japan) - represents Vanity, and has a long sword, inspired by Sasaki Kojiro Vanity Yoko by Daniel-Remo-Art

Yoko (Young samurai of Japan, twin sister of Yori) - represents Laziness, and has two swords, inspired by Miyamoto Musashi Lazy Yori by Daniel-Remo-Art

 Ileana (Romanian little witch) - represents Envy, and has the power to levitate, and increase or decrease the size of objects, has no precise control of own power

Kyesi (hunter from Kenya) - represents Gluttony, and has the power to shoot arrows enchanted, and physical abilities of animals

 Jennifer (Cowgirl of the United States) - represents lust, and has the power to shoot bullets enchanted of the elementals, has a perfect aim, and uses various firearms, pistols, shotgun, rifles, etc. Jeniffer - Lust by Daniel-Remo-Art

Eri Suzuneko And Tomiko Inu - 
 nekogirl and inugirl - I wanted a neko in my gallery of OCs, and this time e I gave total creative freedom for artists, in my description I request a nekogirl for :iconstudioar2:… , and a best friend of the nekogirl to :iconeudetenis:

Eri Suzuneko And Tomiko Inu by Eudetenis by Daniel-Remo-Art

Magical Swim - comes from an old desire I had, to have my own magical girl, she will have two more friends, but the content of the stories of them will be hentai, so not allowed by the DA.

Magical Swim by Daniel-Remo-Art


Adoptable are characters without history, the artist creates an image with a character, and then sell it at auction, to those who are interested, you can buy the character, and so he becomes the property of the buyer, to use it as he pleases, these are mine:

Adoptable 8  Closed by EUDETENIS not yet chosen a name for her, but want her, be a friend of Eri and Tomiko

Livestream Adoptable 3.5 by EUDETENIS 
 HARUKI - Japanese name meaning "springtime tree."
Livestream Adoptable 3 by EUDETENIS 
AKANE - Japanese name meaning "brilliant red."

are my pokemon trainers
are rivals since childhood

the first image of them, here:…
and is not yet finalized, when finished, I would post here on DA

Adoptable 9: Auction Finished by EUDETENIS Kuroto-Tan - a little sexy cyborg,  she's like Mega-man a cyborg helper, transformed into cyborg of combat, has a sword, bought because her look is wonderful.

666girl by EUDETENIS  
Miyako (beautiful night child) - I always wanted a demon girl, and loved the look of her
here in an ecchi image of her…

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