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Ordeal : Mirror Image - 20 by Daniel-Remo-Art
Ordeal : Mirror Image - 20
Story by :iconjimbor:

How Dare They?

With single question burning in her brain Joan Wayne –Starret the buff and busty super heroine, known to the world as Ms. Victory flew high and fast through the early evening Florida sky

Those vile arrogant evil Bastards! How dare they?

That one thought blazed and burned in consciousness, like the contents of a blast furnace .She felt her anger rising .

Infiltrate our Headquarters. Invade our Home. Kidnap our C. O.  HOW DARE THEY?

Realizing that she needed to have a clear head for the all important job ahead of her the Patriotic Powerhouse decided to mentally review the recent events, intent on clearing away the distractions and focusing her mind on the job at hand

Thanks to Syn the incredible scheme had been uncovered late last night .Realizing immediately just how badly FFHQ security had been compromised the team had elected to proceed with an “off the books investigation” and response. Trusted friends and colleagues were personally contacted and brought on board .Appreciating the gravity of the situation and personally outraged at what had been perpetrated all were  very concerned for the safety of their General, a woman they all respected and admired and revered. Everyone worked together with maximum team work and cooperation. Inspired and innovative investigative techniques combined with dogged detective work deduced the location of the plotter’s hide out. Namely a previously unsuspected underground installation located beneath a supposedly empty industrial structure in an apparently disused industrial park; located far away from the down town core on the furthest reaches of the city limits 

Further research had uncovered the blue prints for structure


The size and scope of the underground complex caught everyone by surprise.  To say it was huge was an understatement

Five stories deep  covering  area of a full city block  

 Examination via a super secret ultra high tech surveillance satellite parked in a geo- synchronic orbit above the clandestine complex and equipped with an array of exotic and alien technology which allowed it to penetrate the layers of concrete and steel confirmed the presence of their General on site.

A rescue plan was being put together when the whole bizarre plot had been so publically and spectacularly revealed. The entire team, were all very concerned that the conspirators, panicked at this discovery might decide to dispose of their captive before they fled. A rapid response was now clearly required. It was immediately decided that she leave at once for the secret H Q and carry out a lightening rescue. The rest of the team would fallow along, closely behind and act as back up and containment.

As she flew along at top speed, Joan was informed via her ear bud communication device that the latest satellite data had revealed that, though she was still alive Roberta was in a highly stressed and distressed physical state. Time was clearly of the essence.  Was this a rescue mission or would she be recovering a body the super heroine wondered?

If those bottom feeding, scum sucking shit heads have hurt Roberta, I swear I will…

Joan let those thoughts drift away unformed, realizing that thoughts   of vengeance could be just as  distracting as  the righteous outrage she was experiencing earlier Instead the  valiant battle hardened warrior tamped these feelings down into a cold clear  controlled anger that gave an even greater impetus to her flight .

“Hang on Roberta .We are coming for you “the Patriotic Powerhouse quietly intoned as she blazed like a red white and blue Hellfire missile   across the evening skies.

 One Hour Ago.

 This is it thought Roberta

Everything up till now has just been a warm up

 Its time for the Main event

The tough minded Black soldier knew full well that she was facing a terrible trial –namely a prolonged session with a machine that would turn her into a helpless slave and willing traitor. Roberta realized that logically there was no way she could outlast this machine .Sooner or later it would over whelm her She understood the she could not win, but she realized she dare not lose. The stakes were just too high It was a no win situation that she simply had had to win.

It was an impossible dilemma, but the bare breasted black officer  faced it head on

And as ever fuelled by her strength of character and motivated by a love of her country and a dedication to duty and loyalty to her “girls “the indomitable, though naked Black champion prepared herself

She took a deep breath and mentally squared her shoulders as she waited  for what was to come –namely hardest and most important fight of her life.

She made a silent vow

I will never stop fighting

I won’t give up

I Will Never Surrender

Bring It On!

Mean while Harper had completed the final preparations, fine tuning the equipment and making final adjustments He had carried out a test run  to exactly  position  the projector array of the “ conversion machine so that when it was activated  the twin beams of light which carried those insidious hypnotic pulses would directly target Roberta’s  eyes  and upon contact  be immediately drawn up into her brain where they imprint themselves into the appropriate regions of  the valiant soldiers  grey matter  and thus irresistibly  convert her into a compliant tool of his employers will

That was the plan

Roberta had tried her best to shift her head even a millimeter, just enough to frustrate the process but the clamps held her fast   and the beams covered her entire eye so rolling them back into her head or shifting her gaze was a futile exercise. None of this surprised the indomitable Black champion for she knew from experience how obsessively thorough her depraved captors’ plans and procedures could be But she knew she had to try

The low hum of the out dated technology told the ever observant officer that the sinister device was in final warm up mode and would very soon be operational

So it came as no surprise to her when she heard Harper say

“Everything is in readiness M’Am.” .

“Excellent Mr. Harper Prepare carry on” replied the Dr. who smiled triumphantly as she addressed her clamped down captive.

“Well Slut-berta We are ready to proceed   All your resistance and obstruction and protest have led to nothing Your big stupid cow eyes are wired open ready to receive my  programming. “

The perverse scientist gazed over Roberta naked abused voluptuous body and continued on .

“You are lying here  before me ,naked and passive in your natural position with your legs spread wide and your hot and hungry love holes are stuffed full,” Patricia paused a moment  as if warming to the topic  and  then added “Though I am not sure that even my brilliant   technology will be enough to satisfy your sluttish appetites”.

 For her part Roberta sourly observed that her captor certainly was in love with the sound of her own voice and though she bridled at these now familiar insults the brave but beaten down champion noted that as long as this shitty little freak was running her mouth, her lap dog of an associate would not activate the machinery and her “conversion “would be that much more delayed.  

And true to form Patricia continued, smiling condescendingly  

“You are about to become a mindless tool of my glorious revenge and there is nothing you can do about it and there no one to help you. You are lost and alone “

 “You scrawny runt, even flat on my back I don’t need any help to beat you or your muscle bound toady or your useless machines” Roberta responded, though thanks to the mouth spreader bars of her mask her reply was hopelessly garbled, but there was no mistaking the anger and defiance of her reply General Roberta Octavia Strock was not going down quietly .And she was making sure that both of her captors knew it.

Patricia silently sneered at this final display of desperate inarticulate defiance and nodded to Harper who flicked the final switch

 A twin stream of photonic pulses issued from the dual lens of the projector array, each one making contact with Roberta’s big brown eyes, sending their insidious hypnotic re programming  directly into her brain .Every one of  those  commands manifested itself as a faint whisper the ebony Amazons mind  . She deduced that this was the action of each  impulse trying to insinuate into her cerebral cortex  and take over her mind   The  strong willed  Black  woman found  she was able to fight off   this invasion , though she had to really concentrate her mind and actively confront each tiny voice in turn  to do so . It was like having to deal with an endless stream of telephone solicitors or e mail spam. She could simply and figuratively take the phone off the hook or bulk deletes the contents of the in box. Instead she had to actively and individually answer and reject each call. Metaphorically it was as if she had to answer the phone and listen to the pitch and then say ‘No” and hang up or individually delete each unsolicited on line missive. She could not simply ignore the knock at the door or the note in her in box. Otherwise they would persist and accumulate and eventually overwhelm her.  The task  not easy and the challenge she faced was unrelenting  but for some one as tough minded and mentally agile  as the General – an experienced front line  officer and combat veteran   was well able to deal with  a high stress situation overlaid with constant  deadly  distractions  it was not an impossible task

  It’s difficult but do-able Roberta thought characteristically facing the seemingly impossible challenge head on 

 And so the situation remained like this for some minutes and the brave but bare assed Black woman began to believe that if this was all she had to deal with then she might ultimately prevail.

But she knew that her tormentor had more in store for her

And she was right

 It was then that Patricia decided to “take it up a notch “ The sadistic scientist pulled one of   the  “rat trap” switches  and the  spring loaded clamp  biting down on Roberta’s tongue went “live “ and a low level surge of electricity  coursed all through her helplessly open mouth and across  her face  .But rather than  being painful the galvanic application was actually rather pleasant . It produced a tingling effect that was most concentrated in the ebony Amazon’s tongue full lips and cheeks and was more than a little distracting, but not actually painful

Even as she continued to mentally block the relentless hypnotic onslaught the mentally agile officer considered this point and its implications  

 In order for this damned conversion to be successful this I have to be in a  conscious and alert  but in a  passive mentally  compliant state     .This shitty little bitch can’t just drug me and then subject me  to the process or simply torture me into submission . Pain and the strong reaction it would elicit would be a distraction and therefore is an impediment to the process. And this Damn clamp on my tongue is part of that process She observed and paused a moment considering this device and its companion pieces - the clamps on her nipples  and the that damn “reverse chastity belt  locked around her trim waist , its perverse “attachments- namely  those  dildos  violating her already abused cunt and ass hole  it and that that damn ‘reverse chastity belt locked around her waist and violating her cunt and asshole    . Sexual torment is also part of the plan she concluded. But an orgasm and the mind jangling mental confusion it would bring would be as counterproductive to the process as the pain and the attendant mental trauma that would result from another round of abuse from that shit head Harper or a session with the tazer from that bitch Pretorius

 I have to be distracted into acceptance rather than bludgeoned into submission.   

With that piece of critical knowledge anchored rock solid in her mind Roberta mentally settled in to face this final and critical challenge       The Black woman considered further a moment And of course both of these perverse freaks love their work she grimly added as after thought

It was then that she noticed that there was now a very small “blank space” in her mind   Even as her she continued to meet and beat back the relentless hypnotic onslaught, the quick witted buck naked officer surmised that she had momentarily distracted when that bitch had activated the” tongue clamp” and had allowed a couple of the those damned pulses to get past her mental defenses and establish themselves in her consciousness and shut down a very small part of her resistance

That’s how it works Roberta concluded Each pulse subverts a small part of my mind. Unchecked they will collectively occupy my consciousness    and make me over into passive robot- slave ready to fallow her programming and play in part in this filthy skanks foul scheme

The ebony Amazon paused a moment to consider this, taking care not to slack off in her mental fight. But forewarned is forearmed And I swear I will not let this happen to me.

Roberta also found that the blank spot in her mind was slowly fading away and she was soon back in

full control The “programming must be constantly re enforced or it fades away she happily noted If I can stay focused I can hold the out indefinitely . Buoyed up by this conclusion the Black champion experienced a small surge of optimism. I might be able to outlast this stupid machine she thought

It was at that moment that Patricia tripped the second rat trap switch activated the nipple clamps and dildos.


Though muffled by her perverse gag Roberta’s scream was audible and unmistakable as a surge of raw sexual stimulation washed over her and she felt her mind slipping away


Ms. Victory was coming up fast on her target destination. She decided to check in with the team back at FEM Force H Q and see if there were any new developments or changes in status that she should know about.

“FF One to FF Prime FF One to FF tiny ear bud Prime Over”

 Almost immediately the hands free miniaturized personal communications array came to life

FF Prime to FF One Go Ahead Joan Over “

“Valencia Kirk’s clear professional voice filled the Patriotic Powerhouse’s head via the tiny implanted ear bud.

 The former FEM Forcer, then known as Colt    was manning the communication booth.

I’m going up on the target bldg. Are there any new developments or info I should know about? Over”

“Affirmative I’ve located the schematics and floor plans for the target. I’ve overlaid then on the surveillance satellite readings and I am sure I will be able to guide you to the target once you are inside”

“Outstanding .The quicker I can get to Roberta the better “Her tense tone underscored the busty blonde bombshell’s concern for her C O‘s safety

“Agreed “Val replied in a firm, steady tone though equally worried about her friend’s fate the one time  “Weapons Mistress” maintained a calm and rock steady exterior ,intent on keeping her former teammates focused on the task at hand .

“Also  Tara  ,together with a squad of  my operatives discovered a large crew  of men and women  about to board a plane  at a secret air strip about 20 miles from your target  Apparently they are the staff from the complex  and were attempting a escape . They were all taken into custody. There was also a  vast quantity of files and discs and tapes  and technical information . It was all confiscated

“Any problems?”

Negative.  Our Jungle Girl went into her GTS mode and those henchmen and hirelings could not surrender fast enough

Excellent.  Anything else?

“Yes She Cat and Syn are hard on your heels travelling up the main access road , accompanied by a contingent of Federal Marshalls  . They should arrive on site about thirty minutes after you touch down”

“Outstanding. I am coming up on the target now .I will make contact again once I land. FEM Force One Out”

“God Speed Over and Out” Val replied

Though buoyed up by the news of the arrest of the criminal staff and reassured the backup team was close at hand as Joan went into her final approach she   was still very much worried about the General. What had those bastards done to her? What were they doing to her right now?

Hang tough Roberta I’m almost there  

Mean While.


Though she had been expected what was happening and thought she was prepared for it,  the effects of the  newly activated dildos tightly lodged in her cunt and up her ass and clips attached to her nipples   proved to be initially overwhelming . The invasive pleasure sticks sent a series of sexual shockwaves through Roberta’s captive, helpless body temporarily knocking the   brave bare assed beleaguered officer off her mental  stride  . Diabolically those surges seemed to be synchronized with the endless stream of photonic   pulses which meant that she was beset by a burst of sexual pleasure right at the moment she needed all her wits about her to contend with yet another attempted hypnotic penetration .It took the indomitable ebony Amazon less than a minute to regain control ,forcibly shunting aside the sexual distractions and  getting back  to  the critical  task of  mentally confronting and rejecting each hypnotic conversion attempt . But in the lost time several pulses had gotten past her and established themselves in her consciousness indicated by “Blank Spots “ The beleaguered bare breasted Black woman found there were “Blank Spots in her mind , similar to the one which resulted from the successful infiltration of that first pulse . With a supreme effort she was able to clear them away and regain full control of her mental resources even as she continued to beat the persistent hypnotic assault and ignore those simultaneous sexual surges

Buoyed up by her success the naked captive general allowed her a moment of morale boosting pride at her triumph. But the tough minded officer realized she was now facing a protracted psychic war on two fronts – the hypnotic assault from the conversion machine and the sexual distraction from those damn dildos and nipple and tongue clamps. And she further grimly faced up to fact that while she was mentally tough with a very strong will and strongly disciplined mind she was not invulnerable. Eventually she would be worn down .She was only human while the machines assaulting her had not such limitations .Sooner or later she would go down in defeat. It was a terrible fact but Roberta faced up to it, just had she confronted every other difficult and deadly situation and impossible challenge in her long and illustrious career And in meeting it head on she was able to begin to try to work out a tactical response that would allow her to hold on indefinitely . But in her present situation –naked helpless restrained gagged violated and stimulated, unable to move or even blink she was at a profound disadvantage

 I need to come up with something that will create an edge and give me a fighting chance   she thought desperately .I refuse to just lie here passively and take it! The indomitable Black woman silently added, though her resolve was leavened with more than a little desperation.

As if aware of her prisoner’s mental turmoil and keen to increase her torment Patricia smiled sadistically and  turned her attention to The Stimulax 3000 and upwardly re adjusted  the settings of that diabolical  machine

OH Christ NO! Roberta inarticulately cried out as those insidious stimulations increased in intensity and threatened to over whelm her.

Mean while


Descending like a rocket at a steep angle w/ fists extended,   Ms. Victory punched through the reinforced corrugated one inch thick steel roof as if it were crepe paper. Entering the vast empty space of the target bldg. the Patriotic Power House pulled up and gracefully executed a perfect 3 point landing. Scanning her new surroundings Joan saw she was completely alone, though she did note the surveillance cameras

“FF One to FF Prime  FF One to FF Prime . Val  , I’m in .  Over “The Patriotic Powerhouse tersely alerted her former comrade and friend back at FEM Force H Q , her tone underlying the  heroine’s concern for her C O ‘s safety

FF Prime to FF One Understood. Any sign of life? Over “

“Negative. It is as silent as a Tomb “

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence at Joan’s inadvertently morbid response for it forcefully under lined both of the valiant women’s worst fears

“Umm yes well you had best carry on. “ Val’s uncharacteristically hesitant and nervous response indicated her own rising sense of unease.  Reminding herself that” Roberta needs us all to be at the top of our game right now”, the former secret agent re focused on the task at hand, doing her best to speak a clear professional tone

“The blueprints reveal that there should be a elevator located at the north end of the building. Satellite data indicates that our General is located down on the fifth floor, so take the elevator down to that bottom floor. The floor plan is a real maze so I will guide once you get down there”

“Understood “Joan tersely replied as she strode across the concrete floor  “I will proceed accordingly and contact you when I arrive at the final floor FF One OUT”

Arriving at her destination Joan came upon the gurney Harper had earlier left behind after he finished up after his perimeter sweep and re entered the secret base.  The busty blonde bombshell ran her eyes over the manual medical transport. Her blood ran cold at what she saw. There were those handcuffs still locked on to the rails of the gurney .But much more upsetting were the grimy slashed kaki under garments that Joan recognized as G I issue  and knew for a certainty that they belonged to her C O . A cold rage enveloped her as terrible speculations sparked by the sight of the shredded Bra and panties  about the brutal  treatment Roberta must  been subjected to while a prisoner of these monsters Realizing the need to stay focused she thrust these thoughts out of her mind as she proceeded to her destination . No time for fantasies and conjecture she told herself Roberta always told us to keep on our minds on the job  and was reminded of the numerous  her brave and valiant C O had gave just that order during one of the many training exercises she had supervised  and actual mission she had commanded  

Joan held that image of the General, standing tall and fearless in her uniform , right   in the thick of the action coolly commanding the operation  and facing down the enemy and inspiring the team ,  in her mind as she arrived at the elevator

Recalling how Roberta often said that a desperate situation  called for bold and direct action Joan reached out  and took of the elevator car and torn it right  out of the wall and flung it across the empty hanger where it crashed into the opposite wall.

Thinking that  her Commanding Officer would have approved of her move Joan stepped in to empty shaft and allowed herself to plunge right to the bottom floor

Mean while

Intruder Alert Intruder Alert Intruder Alert  

An insistent metallic voice accompanied by strobing red lights announced Ms. Victory’s arrival A similar  text message repeated itself across both of the large monitor screens

  What the Hell?!  thought Roberta as she desperately strove to deal with this latest and totally unexpected distraction. She had successfully met and mentally contained the latest onslaught of sexual stimulations brought on when that foul fucking bitch aka Dr. Patricia Pretorius had increased the power to those damnable dildos buried nice and deep in her love holes and the wicked clamps biting into her plumb nipples and the tip of her tongue. It had taken a supreme effort but the indomitable Black champion now knew what to expect and figured out a rather novel way to deal with it  

Noting that the first round of electrical stimulation had rendered her already  engorged and  always prominent nipples stiff and hard which had resulted in those sharp toothed  clamps , already overly tight , to bite even  deeper  into the  sensitive flesh –still tender thanks to the  recent application of that hellishly hot pepper extract  of her breast buds – to the point where they were actually  and painfully  drawing blood

Normally the brave and determined Black soldier would have ignored and over rode the pain but realizing that such a sensation was a deterrent to the conversion process she uncharacteristically concentrated and focused her attention on the near agony the clamps were  causing to her swollen tender nipples and the tip of her tongue  and used it as a metaphorical bulwark against the unrelenting waves of galvanic arousal .

And it was working.

Though  the distracting  electro –erotic onslaught has significantly increased in intensity and in frequency  the ebony Amazon found that , using the tactic she was able to deal with the this latest escalation

Hmmph she had mused I never would have thought that behaving like a weakling civilian would have given me the strength to deal the urges brought on by the surges, smiling inwardly at the irony of it all  and allowed herself a moment of satisfaction at this  small triumph .  Putting her resistance on mental auto pilot  the brave beleaguered bare breasted   Black champion allowed her a moment of satisfaction and  was about to chalk up another point for “Team Roberta “  right at the moment  the alarm sounded and the lights began flashing

 Caught by surprise at this vulnerable moment Roberta’s concentration was momentarily broken. The lapse only lasted a few seconds, but that was long enough for a sizable contingent of impulses to implant themselves in her consciousness like the first wave of an invading army establishing a beach head  The tough minded Black woman recovered almost immediately  and as she strove to re establish control and resume her resistance to the conversion process  she wondered if it was the arrival  a rescue party , perhaps even one of her girls( Probably Joan  she thought ) that had tripped the  distracting alarm   which  had brought her that much closer to conversion and once again could not help but note the irony of it all .

But the distinct possibility of a rescue had also boosted the endlessly abused Black woman’s spirits immeasurably and thus energized she faced the relentless electronic onslaught and was able to turn the insidious impulses aside and even re cover those portions of her consciousness that had been occupied during her brief distraction

But her captors were not doing nearly as well.

“Oh Christ “ gasped Harper “ They’ve found Us “ His voice betrayed more than a little panic “ We’ve got to get out of here now!

Though he was out of Roberta’s field of vision the nude Black officer correctly surmised that he was heading for the exit Like a rat deserting a sinking ship she thought and shrewdly observed how poorly  the scarred thug seemed to operate under a sudden reversal of fortune .

“Calm yourself Mr. Harper “  The Dr’s voice cut through his panicky tones “ Let’s just find out what is exactly going on before we make any rash moves “ she added as she stepped out of Roberta’s view and over to a video surveillance monitor , with  Harper fallowing closely behind .

Commission for :iconjimbor: thanks for the commission.

Ordeal : Mirror Image - 18 by Daniel-Remo-Art Ordeal : Mirror Image - 19 by Daniel-Remo-Art
Continuing my promise from the end of year of a Kyra, Natalie or Angel per week. ;) (Wink)

Today, I posted again, a deleted image=D

Story by: :iconangostamrun:


Kyra slipped the glove over her left hand, tugging on the smooth, glossy leather to make sure it fitted snugly over her fingers. Once done, she took a matching second glove and repeated the process on her other hand, taking care to ensure that it fit just as snugly as the first.

Once both gloves were on, Kyra lifted her arms up slightly and looked down at her hands, turning them from front to back to inspect the fit. She flexed her fingers slowly, checking the material for suppleness and flexibility, and was pleased to see that her movements were not restricted in any way. Satisfied with the fit, Kyra then turned towards the full-length mirror in front of her and looked at herself.

Kyra smiled at her reflection. The costume fit her perfectly! The one-piece dress, trimmed in red, white, and blue and emblazoned with star motifs, was cut short for ease of movement while providing a tight fit to emphasize the sexy curves of her body. The front of the dress was cut daringly down the middle all the way to her navel to allow additional freedom of motion, exposing the smooth, unblemished skin of her torso while providing her breasts with just enough cover. A white cape fell over her shoulders to the back of her knees, attached to the dress with a pair of crimson clasps, and a pair of royal blue leather gloves and high-heeled calf-length boots completed the entire ensemble.

Kyra turned this way and that, trying to view her outfit from every possible angle, checking on the fit of the fabric and making sure everything held in place. She sighed happily as she saw that the long hours she put into making the costume had paid off beautifully.

Satisfied with her inspection, Kyra picked up the final item of her outfit from where it lay on her bed and put it on. It was an eye mask, trimmed in red and carefully shaped to flatter her eyes while concealing her identity. Placing it over her eyes and fastening it on, she turned back to the mirror, striking a dramatic pose as she did so.

"Watch out villains!" Kyra cried out. "Miss Victory is here to give you a taste of utter defeat!"

As she continued to stare at her image, Kyra's lips quirked up in barely-suppressed mirth. She had difficulty keeping a straight face while reciting such a cheesy-sounding introductory line. It was like something a superheroine from one of the comic books she had read as a starry-eyed child years ago might have said when announcing her arrival.

As a little girl, Kyra had always admired her comic book and cartoon superheroines. She was particularly impressed with the way they showed up, declared themselves as agents of justice, and proceeded to defeat the bad guys without any difficulty. She also loved their flashy costumes, especially the way they managed to project an aura of power while emphasizing their feminine attributes. It was her fondest wish back then to become a superheroine herself.

As the years went by, Kyra eventually realized that her dream of becoming a superheroine would remain just a childhood fantasy, and that there was no way she would ever magically acquire superpowers of the sort her role models possessed. That did not stop her from indirectly pursuing her dream in other ways, though. As a child, she had taken up gymnastics, which had allowed her to hone her body's flexibility, and upon reaching high school, she had also become a member of the school cheerleading team. This had the advantage of letting her perfect the skills and techniques she had learned as a child while allowing her to work on her agility and acrobatics as well.

Kyra's becoming a cheerleader had another side benefit as well. Her frequent presence at school sporting events and her natural beauty had made her stand out from the crowd, and made her one of the most sought-after girls in school. As such, she was constantly invited on dates and get-togethers, a number of which were costume parties, much to her delight. It gave her the opportunity to dress up -- and at times even act -- as a superheroine. It was to one of these costume parties that she was readying herself for that very evening.

Kyra had gone to great lengths to prepare for this particular party. She had given careful thought as to which superheroine to dress up as, and it was during one of her cheering practice sessions that she had been struck by an inspiration. Her school's battle cry of, "Victory! Victory!" gave her the idea to attend the party as Miss Victory, the leader of an all-girl team of superheroines from one of her classic comic books. It was, to her, a truly inspired choice; the name "Miss Victory" itself sounded impressive, and it was also in keeping with her real-life persona as a cheerleader, effectively linking her two identities together!

Her decision made, Kyra had spent what little free time she had between studies and practices working on her outfit. From a review of the various costume designs Miss Victory had used throughout her career, Kyra settled on a rather daring costume variation from an earlier comic book issue. She then tailored a one-piece dress based on the designs she found, purchased a specially made set of boots and gloves, and added a homemade eye mask and cape to complete the ensemble.

Now clad completely in her superheroine outfit, Kyra checked herself out in the mirror one last time, twirling in place and letting her cape billow around her while giving a flash of the white panties she wore underneath the daringly short one-piece outfit. She then picked up her mobile phone and dialled the number of a taxi service, and was out the door of her dormitory building minutes later on her way to a nearby taxi stop.

It was a moonless night, and this late in the evening, the streets were dark and quiet. While waiting for her taxi to arrive, Kyra glanced back at her dormitory. With most of her dormmates having gone on ahead of her to the party, not a single room had its lights on, and as such, the entire building looked completely deserted.

The sound of breaking glass suddenly shattered the stillness of the night. Startled, Kyra looked around for the source of the disturbance, and was shocked to see through the darkness the shadowy figures of several men making their way into the dormitory through one of the side windows.

<Those must be the dorm robbers everyone was warning us about,> Kyra thought to herself. <I wytiwyg="1" never thought they'd actually try to break into here, though. They must've taken advantage of the fact that everyone is out attending the party!>

Hiding behind the shadow of a nearby tree, Kyra watched as the men rushed from room to room, rampaging through the belongings of her friends. Several minutes later, the men began tossing several large sheet-wrapped bundles out the broken window. One of the bundles fell open, revealing a collection of handbags, tablets, laptops, and jewelry. One of the men then jumped down and hurriedly scooped up the scattered contents before throwing them and the other bundles into the trunk of a nearby car.

<Damn it!> Kyra growled as the other two men leaped down and made their way to join the first in the car. <I've got to call the police, but I left my phone behind because I had nowhere to keep it on this costume!> Helplessly, she watched as the thieves started the car up and began to drive away.

The impatient staccato of a car horn behind her startled Kyra from her thoughts. Turning around, she saw the taxi she had requested for waiting by the curb, the driver staring at her with a mixture of amusement and irritation.

Kyra ran over to the taxi and jumped into the back. "Hurry," she cried, pointing to the thieves' getaway vehicle, "follow that car!"

The driver took a long look at Kyra in bewilderment before shrugging his shoulders and complying, activating his fare meter and driving off after the car at an leisurely pace.

Half an hour later, Kyra's taxi pulled up to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. The car the robbers used was parked nearby, but there was no sign of the thieves themselves.

Kyra paid her fare and leaped out of the taxi. Going over to the driver, she said, "Call the police and tell them to come over here! Those guys are robbers, and they just robbed the girls' dorm!"

Trusting the driver to carry out her last-minute instructions, Kyra then turned and ran off towards the warehouse, determined to bring the thieves to justice.


The warehouse was dark and foreboding, with its windows boarded up and the ground surrounding it overgrown with weeds. Rusted metal pipes and old oil drums were stacked haphazardly against the walls, and the rotting remains of several wooden crates were strewn across the yard.

Kyra crept around the sides of the building, being careful not to make any noise as she went along. Upon reaching the back of the warehouse, a light coming from one of the shuttered windows caught her eye, and she moved closer to investigate.

Peering into a gap between the wooden planks that had been nailed across the window frame, Kyra saw the three men standing around a wooden table, segregating the valuables they had stolen from the dormitory. A look around the rest of the room revealed the spoils of the thieves' previous capers, with cardboard boxes filled with items taken from other robberies stacked against the walls.

Satisfied that she had found the thieves' hideout, Kyra crept back to the front of the warehouse to look for the entrance. She found the door after a few minutes' search, only to discover that it was locked from the inside when she tried to open it.

Dismayed at this setback, Kyra looked around for another way inside the warehouse. Finding an open window several feet above her head, she moved a nearby empty oil drum into position below the opening and clambered atop it. Crouching down and leaping up, she caught hold of the window sill in her hands and boosted herself up. Once inside, she perched on the edge of the window for a moment to ready herself, then jumped down, taking care to limit the noise from her landing.

Crouching down from where she landed, Kyra kept perfectly still, listening for the possibility of one of the men investigating the sound of her entry. After a minute or so, she felt safe enough to proceed, and carefully made her way over to where the thieves were, her path dimly illuminated by the light coming from the room.

Recognizing the difficulty of trying to take on all the thieves at once, Kyra decided to try to bring them down one by one. Finding an unlocked adjacent storeroom, she ducked into it and settled down to wait to catch one of the robbers by surprise.

Her patience was rewarded a few minutes later, with the tell-tale sound of heavy footsteps letting her know that one of the men was on his way towards her.

Her heart hammering in her chest, Kyra stood up, tense and ready, as the man approached her hiding spot. As the thief walked past the room she was in, Kyra leaped up and delivered a forceful high-kick to his head, catching the robber completely by surprise and knocking him back to hit the wall with a solid thunk, causing him to drop unconscious to the concrete floor.

<Wow,> Kyra thought to herself, her eyes wide with amazement. <That was easy! Perhaps being a superheroine isn't such a hard thing to do, after all!>

With her confidence soaring and adrenaline rushing through her body, Kyra ran across the hall into the room where the other two thieves were, startling the men enough to make them drop the items they were inspecting.

"What the fuck?" one of the men yelled in surprise. "Who the hell are you, and how the fuck did you get in here?"

In response, Kyra snapped to attention, standing with her legs spread apart and her hands on her hips. Looking at both men defiantly in the eye, she said with a clear, confident voice, "My name is Miss Victory, and I'm here to give you villains a taste of defeat!"

The men stared at Kyra in bewilderment for a moment. One of them -- most likely the leader, Kyra guessed -- yelled, "Grab her!" before both men rushed her.

As the robbers made to seize her, Kyra spun and twisted about, deftly avoiding their hands. Taking a quick glance to make sure her path was clear, she leaped backwards and did a series of quick back-flips, putting a considerable distance between her and her would-be captors.

Taken by surprise by Kyra's quick reflexes, the men doubled back and ran towards her again. In response, Kyra ducked between them and ran back towards the table, leaping over it like a vaulting horse to put the wooden barrier between her and the robbers. She then snatched up one of the stolen tablets on top of the table and threw it like a frisbee at the thieves, hitting one of them square in the head and making him collapse to the floor in pain.

Snarling in anger, the leader of the robbers rushed towards Kyra again, intent on putting an end to her antics. Looking around desperately for an avenue of escape, Kyra spotted an overhead water pipe and leaped up to grab onto it. Swinging on it like on a parallel bar, she jackknifed her legs up to avoid being grabbed, then used her momentum to dismount the pipe and crash into the thief she had hit with the tablet earlier, knocking him back down to the ground.

Kyra scrambled to get back up on her feet, but the man she had just knocked down was faster. He grabbed her from behind, pinning her arms to her sides and rendering her helpless.

Seeing Kyra finally caught, the leader of the thieves grinned evilly and began moving towards her. Kyra struggled furiously, but her captor was far too strong for her to break free of his grasp.

As the lead robber neared Kyra, she lashed out with her leg, landing a vicious kick on the underside of the man's chin and knocking him back. The leader of the thieves staggered on his feet from the blow and fell backwards, banging his head against the heavy wooden table behind him before crumpling down onto the floor, completely out cold.

As the remaining robber stared in stunned amazement at the fate of his boss, Kyra snapped her head back, hitting her captor on the nose and causing him to roar in pain. Releasing Kyra, the man stumbled back, holding his nose and trying to staunch the flow of bright red blood now fountaining from it.

With her body freed, Kyra leaped up and spun, kicking the wounded robber on the side of his head and causing him to crash heavily against the boxes along the wall before he slumped unconscious to the ground.

Gasping for breath and her heart pounding wildly, Kyra stared at the two unconscious thieves for several moments before the realization of what she had just done sunk in, causing a wide, ecstatic smile to light up her face.

<I wytiwyg="1" did it,> Kyra thought, giddy with excitement. <I wytiwyg="1" really did it! I actually stopped a bunch of criminals all by myself, just like a real superheroine!>

Pausing to catch her breath, Kyra waited for her adrenaline rush to dissipate. After a few moments, she went over to the table to look at the items the thieves had stolen. She recognized some of the items, particularly several pieces of expensive jewelry that belonged to some of her friends.

Looking over at the two unconscious thieves again, Kyra smiled in grim satisfaction. "Looks like your dorm-robbing days are over, guys," she said. "And now to call the police!"

A whistle of wind was the only warning Kyra had before something hard and heavy collided with the side of her head. She fell to the floor in pain, and the last thing she saw before darkness overcame her was the furious expression on the face of the very first thief she thought she had properly disposed of.


It was the pounding pain that finally forced Kyra back to consciousness.

As each heartbeat sent pulsing waves through her throbbing head, Kyra groaned, keeping her eyes tightly shut in an attempt to seek relief in the darkness. The pain proved to be too much for her to take, though, and she tried to bring her hands to her head in order to massage her aching temples.

It came as a complete surprise to her when she realized that she couldn't move her arms at all.

Kyra's eyes snapped open as a sense of dread overcame the pain she was feeling. A quick glance downwards confirmed her fears: her hands couldn't move because they were bound with plastic ziptie bands to the arms of a sturdy metal chair frame. Her legs were restrained as well; they had been spread apart and positioned inside the loops formed by the arm-rest frame to prevent her from bringing her thighs together, and her ankles were tied with another pair of ziptie bands to the legs of the chair. To make matters worse, the chair had no seat cushion, leaving her perched uncomfortably over the hard metal bars of the frame. She tried to adjust her position to ease the pressure on her bottom, but this only caused her dress to ride up her thighs, completely exposing her panties.

Panic setting in, Kyra struggled against her bonds, desperately trying to break free of her restraints. The chair shook with her struggles, scraping slightly back and forth over the rough wooden floor, but her bonds held strong. Attempting to force her arms out of the loops formed by the plastic bands was equally futile; she had been strapped in tightly, and there was no slack whatsoever in her bonds.

"Awake at last, huh?" a voice said.

Kyra looked up. She had been so engrossed in trying to free herself that she did not notice her captors a few feet away in front of her. The leader of the thieves was sitting astride a chair directly across her, flanked on both sides by his two henchmen. All three men had grim looks on their faces, and one sported traces of dried blood on the underside of his nose and the front of his shirt.

The leader smirked at Kyra. "No use trying to get free, Missy," he said. "You'll just end up hurting yourself. Those things may be made of plastic, but they can easily hold down a man twice your size."

His smile disappearing, the man leaned forward and said, "You've caused us a lot of trouble, girl. A lot of pain, too. My boys here," he continued, indicating the men standing beside him, "are itching to settle the score with you, and let me tell you -- that's something I'm seriously considering right now."

Swallowing nervously at the lead robber's words, Kyra glanced up at his two henchmen. They were looking at her with vengeful expressions on their faces mixed with desire, running their eyes over her defenseless body, particularly on the skin enticingly revealed by her dress and her exposed panties.

Unnerved by the leers of her captors, Kyra instinctively shrank back against her chair. She squirmed about in an attempt to preserve her modesty, trying unsuccessfully to reposition her legs and bring her thighs closer together in order to minimize her exposure. Unfortunately for Kyra, her actions had the opposite effect, as her struggles only served to draw the gazes of the men further down towards her gyrating hips and her exposed undergarments.

After a minute of struggling, Kyra gave up and slumped against her chair. Looking back up, she glared at the three men who were watching her intently.

The leader of the thieves smiled grimly at Kyra's display of defiance. "I told you it was useless trying to break free," he said. "Now, who the hell are you, and what are you doing here?"

"Let me go!" Kyra snapped back in response. "Let me go, or you'll be sorry! The police will be here any minute now, and things will go really bad for you guys if you don't set me free!"

"She's lying, boss," one of the men said, glaring back at Kyra. "She hasn't called the cops at all. She was saying something about calling them just before I knocked her out."

"Is that so?" the leader mused, turning back to regard Kyra again. "Looks like no one's coming over to save you, then," he said smugly.

"I... I called the police before I got here!" Kyra bluffed, praying fervently that the taxi driver she had hired had actually gone and followed her last-minute instructions.

The lead robber frowned doubtfully at Kyra's words. "Well, in that case, we don't have much time to lose, do we?" he retorted. "I'll ask you again: who are you, and why are you here?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Kyra snapped back, putting on as brave a face as she could muster. "I'm Miss Victory, and you guys are so going to pay for this!"

"Don't try to get cute with me, Missy," the man growled, his face darkening. Casting an eye on Kyra's revealing superheroine outfit, he sneered, "So what's up with that costume of yours, anyway? You trying to act out some kiddy game or something?"

Kyra flushed at the accuracy of the man's insulting barb. She bit down on her lip in mortification and made no reply.

"She might be an undercover cop or something like that," one of the robber henchmen muttered. "They probably got her wired or something in order to catch us here."

The leader considered his words for a moment, then smiled cruelly. "You know, you may be right," he conceded. "In that case, we'd better check her out to see if she's got any concealed wires or weapons, don't you think?"

Kyra's eyes widened in shock at the lead robber's announcement. The other two thieves looked at each other and grinned expectantly. "Yeah, boss," they said, sounding almost too eager. "We oughta do that!"

Getting up from his chair, the leader walked over to Kyra and produced a switchblade knife from his pocket. Flicking it open, he brought the blade down to rest flat against Kyra's cheek, making her gasp in fear and draw her head backwards with a frightened whimper.

"Last chance, girlie," the man murmured as he drew his head close to Kyra's face, the tone of his voice containing a dangerous undercurrent of impatient irritation as he pressed the point of the knife against the captive girl's skin. "I won't ask again. Who the hell are you?"

Trembling in fright at the robber's implied threat, Kyra could only stutter out an unintelligible reply of, "I... I... I'm..."

"Talk!" the man growled, pressing the knife-point even harder against the frightened girl's face. Paralyzed with fear, Kyra's mouth opened and shut, but no sound came out.

Seeing that Kyra was in no state to give a proper answer, the leader of the thieves gave an annoyed sigh of frustration. Easing up on the knife, he let the blade trail down Kyra's cheek to follow the outline of her jaw before moving it down across her throat to the base of her collarbone.

Feeling the pressure of cold steel against her throat, Kyra remained perfectly still, trying her best to keep her body from trembling. Her eyes were shut tight to block off the sight of her tormentor, and unshed tears welled up slightly from beneath her closed eyelids.

Smiling in grim satisfaction at Kyra's discomfiture, the man drew the knife down slowly between the bound girl's breasts then along her belly, running the blade lightly over her exposed skin until it rested against the bottom of the vee formed by the dress. Then, with a swift downward motion, he sliced the cloth all the way through, tearing the dress in half and causing the fabric to fall away from Kyra's body.

The robber leader then stood over Kyra, leaning forward and using his knife to slice open the sleeves on both sides of the dress. Once done, he pulled the shredded remains of the costume off Kyra, exposing her naked breasts and leaving her in just her panties.

"Check out the dress," he said to his men, tossing the scraps of fabric over to them. "Make sure there's nothing hidden in it."

The men did as they were told, pawing clumsily through the remains of the costume even as they continued to stare at Kyra's almost-naked body.

Turning back to regard Kyra, the robber leader smiled at the furious girl. "Very nice, Missy," he said, eying her exposed breasts. "Nice and firm. Not the biggest I've seen, but you really got it where it counts. In any case, I like my women on the slightly smaller side, just like yours."

"You bastard," Kyra seethed, her face burning with humiliation. "You won't get away with this!"

In response, the man simply laughed, then turned back to his companions. "Found anything?" he asked.

"Nothing, boss," they both replied. "She's clean."

"I see," their leader said. "Then let's check the rest of her out, shall we?"

With that, the man bent over Kyra once again and slid his knife underneath the elastic of her panties on one side, then tugged upwards, causing the fabric to snap in half. He did the same to the other side, then roughly pulled off the now-useless scraps of cloth from Kyra's hips, leaving her completely naked and exposed.

Kyra screamed in helpless outrage at being stripped naked. She struggled and twisted about, tugging furiously at her bonds in a desperate attempt to break free, causing her chair to rock from side to side. The two henchmen rushed over to restrain her, grabbing her by her arms and shoulders to hold her down, and she spat out a stream of curses at them in retaliation.

"Get your hands off me!" Kyra cried, twisting her body away from their grasp. Turning her head towards the boarded-up window beside her, she began to scream for help.

"Help me!" Kyra screamed. "Somebody help me, please!"

"Shit!" the robber leader yelled in alarm. "Shut her up, quick!" He tossed Kyra's panties over to one of the men, who immediately complied, grabbing Kyra's face by her cheeks to force her jaw open and stuffing the discarded panties into her mouth.

Yanking her head free of her captor's grip, Kyra shook her head furiously from side to side and tried to spit the panties out. Before she could do so, though, the man grabbed hold of her head again in a painful armlock, pinning her in place, while his partner quickly tore off a couple of strips from a roll of duct tape and stuck them firmly over her mouth, sealing her lips and leaving Kyra tightly gagged.

With Kyra now completely silenced, the men stepped back. Seizing the opportunity, Kyra tried screaming for help again, but with her mouth gagged, her words this time came out as muffled and unintelligible sounds.

Resigning herself to defeat, Kyra slumped back down and glared angrily at her captors, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath from her earlier struggles.

Silence reigned over the room for nearly a minute as the men leered wordlessly at the stunning view of their helpless captive. Kyra made for a truly enticing sight -- bound, gagged, and completely naked except for her gloves, boots, and eye mask, which only served to emphasize her nudity even more. The awkwardness of her sitting position forced her to keep her back arched, which in turn thrust her breasts forward, putting them on open display. Her legs, spread apart by the chair, left her open and vulnerable and completely exposed her pussy, which was crowned by a well-trimmed thatch of pubic hair.

The tableau was eventually broken by the leader of the thieves, who walked over to the end of the room and started rummaging through the boxes stacked against the wall. A few minutes later, he gave an exclamation of satisfaction and walked back, carrying with him a small cardboard carton the size of a shoebox.

"I knew we'd find a use for these things eventually," he said. Taking the box over to the table, he upended it, scattering an assortment of luridly-colored vibrators, dildos, anal beads, and other sex toys across the tabletop.

"When you rob girls' dorms, you sometimes come across the weirdest stuff," he explained to Kyra as he idly went through the items individually. "I don't know why we bothered to keep these things, but we thought we might be able to make use of them some day."

Picking up a thick red dildo nearly a foot in length, the man held it up for inspection before looking back at Kyra, whose face had gone pale with fear as she stared in wide-eyed disbelief at the obscene object in his hands.

Motioning his henchmen over, the lead robber tossed several of the implements in their direction, which they caught in their hands. Together, the three men walked over to Kyra and stood around the helpless girl, grinning and brandishing the items they had taken from the table.

"OK, boys," the leader said with a wicked smile as Kyra shook her head and whimpered pleadingly behind her gag, "let's give Miss Victory here a real taste of defeat!"

The Turning Storm 03 by Daniel-Remo-Art
The Turning Storm 03

Storm had come to Washington DC a day early to do some sightseeing. Tomorrow she, Alison Blaire and Wanda Maximoff were to meet with an old friend, Roberta Strock, who was now the Secretary of State. Ororo had to chuckle at the thought of that no-nonsense General now being a politician. But, then again, who ever thought that she, Storm of the X-Men, would ever become the Queen of Wakanda?

It was a shame that Dazzler and the Scarlet Witch couldn't join her. But their duties as Avengers had to take precedence.

Dazzler an Avenger.

Who would have thought it possible?

Ororo had to admit that that human melting pot of super heroes fit Alison far far better than the X-Men ever did. In the X-Men Dazzler survived. But her time with the Fantastic Four, and now the Avengers, has made Dazzler THRIVE! Ororo was happy for her friend. And was grateful Alison still considered HER a friend.  (Her departure from the X-Men was not a pleasent experience to say the least.) They've kept in touch and it will be good to see her in person again.

Warren Worthington had let Storm borrow one of his private planes so that she could arrive unnoticed. Her X-Men attire packed away she came to Washington wearing a simple black pant suit with her white hair hidden beneath a colorful scarf and stylish white hat. Her unusual, liquid blue, eyes were covered by a pair of sunglasses. Thus Ororo, with suitcase in hand, rented a car and left the airport without any hoopla at all.

After checking into a motel she went sightseeing as planned. Later, after dinner, she returned to the motel and showered. She had just stepped out of the bathroom when...

She woke up gagged and bound to some device that was mounted next to a wall. She was still wearing her bathrobe and panties. But the sash was missing, leaving the robe open and exposing her torso. Obviously her kidnapper couldn't resist "a peek at the goodies." (A phrase she once heard Kitty Pryde use.) Where ever she now was it was clearly on the floor of some old, abandoned, office building. Except for the device she was manacled to there was nothing else in the huge room.

Nothing except the armed guard dressed all in black. His face mostly concealed by a balaclava. He was clearly bored as he was just looking out the window. He didn't even notice she was awake.

Ororo tried to generate a lightning bolt to stun him unconscious. It came as no surprise that nothing happened. The device obviously neutralized her mutant powers. She closed her eyes, slumped, and pretended to still be unconscious.

An idea came to her. It was a longshot to be sure since it was usually the telepath that established a mental contact. But Storm had to try since she didn't have any other options available to her. She concentrated.

{Elizabeth? Emma? Can you read me?}

She kept trying.

{Elizabeth? Emma?}

{Ororo. What...Bloody hell! What happened?}

It worked! Goddess be praised it WORKED!

But Storm's joy was short lived.

After explaining her situation to Elizabeth Braddock, the woman called Psylocke, Ororo found out that none of the X-Men could help her. After Ororo had departed for Washington Psylocke headed for England to help her brother, Captain Britain. When she tried to inform the other X-Men of Storm's plight, the British born telepath could make no contact. It was as if they vanished off the face of the Earth.

Did they? Were they elsewhere, (space, time, another dimension), beyond the range of Psylocke's telepathy? Or were they all dead? The victims of a swift and fatal attack? There was no way of knowing at this point. The only X-Man on Earth were now, apparently, Storm and Psylocke.

{There is one other, Elizabeth. Alison.}

{Ororo. She washed her hands of us.}

{She washed her hands of BEING an X-Man. But not of the friends she made in the process. You get the Christmas cards and letters same as I.}

{Very well. Stand by.}

{What else can I do, trussed up like this?}


{She's on her way, Ororo. You were right and I should have known better.}

{I'm just glad you were able to pinpoint my location. Because I have no idea where I am.}

{Nor do I.}


{I don't know where you are. Without Cerebro I've not a bloody clue. But Dazzler said she knows of a way to find you. I...I must go now, Ororo. I'll be in touch.}

It was without a doubt the most BORING captivity she ever had to endure. Her guard said absolutely nothing the whole time. Even when he realized she was awake. There was a changing of the guard in which neither said anything. But, for a brief moment, SOMEthing happen afterwards. The new guard took pictures of her with his cell phone. He only laid hands on her long enough to expose her breasts for the pictures. Then he placed the robe back to its original position. Afterwhich he quietly, as in not saying a damned word at ALL, the whole time he was there, stood by the window. She actually missed the times when the bad guys would boast about their evil schemes. Torment the helpless captive with what dire fate was in store. This was worse than watching Professor X and Jean Grey play chess. Neither spoke aloud but with their minds. At least you'd get to see a chess piece being moved.

Storm had nodded off when a commotion startled her awake.


Gabby pulled out his weapon and rushed over to Storm, about to shoot her between the eyes.

Had she blinked she would have missed it. Suddenly another balaclava head flew feet first through the door and landed on his back at Storm's feet. Not even a second later a large spinning blur of a disk tore through the air and slammed the gun out of her would-be killer's hand. The shield bounced off the wall and, Storm would swear up and down it happened, slid onto Captain America's arm. While he was STILL running through the door. The red white and blue Avenger leaped, landed and then took out her silent guard with a wicked right cross. The "UUUUUHHH!" was proof he had a voice.

Cap stood there for a second, as if braced for something to happen. Then he relaxed and went over to Storm and freed her. Once the gag was removed...

"Are you all right?"

Storm rubbed her jaw. "Fine now thanks to you. But, Captain, no offense, I was expecting someone else."

The shield-slinger smiled. "Dazzler wanted to be the one to save you. But I talked her out of it."

"You did? Why?"

"I wanted her to save Secretary Strock instead."

"Secretary---? She was a prisoner too?"

"Yes. And I wanted to put some irony into the situation." Storm looked puzzled but Cap explained it as they left the room. "These people are HYDRA. And they wanted to fan the fires of hostility between mutant and homo-sapian humanity. Exactly how I'm not sure yet. But I figured it would be a spit in their face if a homo-sapian saved the mutant while a mutant saved the homo-sapian. Ali liked the idea and agreed."

"I like it too. Very poetic justice."


Captain America and Storm arrived to see the mutant part of the plan had saved the homo-sapian. Or did she? There were three other costumed women there along with Dazzler and Secretary Strock. Wearing her old General's uniform?

"These two never have been nor ever will be my friends." Dazzler said, indicating what looked like an unconscious Cyclops and...Storm? Both being bound by the abnormally tall woman in the jungle girl bikini.

Suddenly the one in red, She-Cat, turned to see Cap and the real Storm. "Let me guess, Dazz. They never were your friends because they were imposters." 

They all turned to see the Avenger and the X-Man.

"ORORO!" Dazzler shouted and raced over to embrace her old friend and former teammate. "You okay, Sweetie?"

Storm chuckled. "I will be once I'm out of this bear hug."

"Oh. Sorry."

"Alison. You have nothing to be sorry about." Real Storm then indicated fake Storm. "But I would like to know what the story is on HER."

"So would I." Replied a smiling Roberta Strock.

And with that Captain America explained it all.

Another :icondaniel-remo-art::icondave-dreamer: Production.

Captain America and Storm (c) Marvel

Commission for :icondave-dreamer: thanks for the commission.

Cover Girls 03 by Daniel-Remo-Art  The Turning Storm! by Daniel-Remo-Art  The Turning Storm 02 by Daniel-Remo-Art



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