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Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke No Point Commissions by SweetDuke

Unleash your fantasies
I'll do whatever you ask me, bondage or not.
I do not images of children.

How it works:
1 - Send me a note saying what you want, as detailed as possible.
2 - I'll answer if it is possible or not, (some clothes, are very difficult to do in 3D), I will inform the commission amount.
3 - If you agree, send me a note saying YES, I will return my e-mail from PayPal to you pay.
4 - I will wait for payment when I confirm it, I start the job.
5 - I'll send you an example of the avatar and the situation for you to make adjustments.
6 - After all in agreement, I will create the final image, and I'll send it to your e-mail with high resolution, if you agree, I'll post on my DA, with due credit.


Creation of a female human character: $ 25 (if you choose to use one of my characters that are not charged)

Creating an image with 1 angle: $ 30
Creating an image with two angles: $45


image with 1 angle: Wonder Woman Hogtied by Daniel-Remo-Art Supergirl tied by Daniel-Remo-Art Powergirl Fondled by Daniel-Remo-Art
image with two angles: Sara exercising herself by Daniel-Remo-Art Amy spanking by Daniel-Remo-Art

PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers

Any questions, send me a note.
.:Bondage:. by OnyxNocturne Jessica Rabbit Stamp Animated by DJWill
GREMIO IMORTAL by brenotricolor
To all who like my work, is available at:

the comics:

Justice Girl in Milking Machine 2000 by PGLinda

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Fun in the Principal's Office by Daniel-Remo-Art
Fun in the Principal's Office
Alicia and Sara playing as principal and student:

- Sorry my new student but we have rules in this school, and beautiful and perfect breasts can only have one owner, and that's me. =D
1st Ladies: Sharing Each Other's Shoes 02 by Daniel-Remo-Art
1st Ladies: Sharing Each Other's Shoes 02

{Excerpts from Memoirs Of An Invisible Woman}

Thank God I was wrong about Jan being helpless.

Ever since the Avengers formed Hank Pym got into the habit of reinventing himself. Ant-Man to Giant-Man. Giant-Man to Goliath. Goliath to Yellowjacket. Then back to Ant-Man and so on and so forth. He also found new ways to change size. From a gas to capsules to cybernetics to finally being able to just do it mentally. The latter being a by-product of constant exposure to the Pym-Particles. 

And whatever size changing stimulus Hank used Jan used as well.

I thought she was still using the gas. But Jan was in the capsule phase when we were taken hostage along with the other patrons at the country club. She kept a small supply of the color-coded items, (green for shrinking blue for growing back), hidden in a pill box. Just in case a situation like this actually came up. One in which she didn't have her costume available.

Jan later told me that, as the thugs came charging in, she managed to pop a shrinker into her mouth. But before she could bite down on it we were spotted. I didn't dare be seen turning invisible for fear of endangering the other patrons. Jan realized the same thing if she was seen reducing to Wasp-size. So she kept the capsule hidden beneath her tongue. Like me she was waiting for the right moment to strike.

Naturally things couldn't go easy for us.

But once our captors locked us inside the store room, a place where they kept old junk from the looks of it, Jan was free to act. She bit down on the capsule and her ropes came loose as she vanished inside her clothing. (Only Jan's costumes, with the slits in the back to allow her wings to protrude through, were treated with the Pym-Particles. She wasn't about to "vandalize" her expensive civilian wardrobe by cutting slits into them.) I was expecting her to come flying out of the collar of her blouse stark naked and ready for action.  She came flying out all right. But as a Wasp on flypaper.

Actually it was the still full-sized tape-gag that had been stuck over her mouth. Her mouth was no longer covered, judging from the expletives I was hearing, but she was still stuck to the tape. She managed to fly behind me where she had me hold down the tape with my finger. Using her wing implant she pulled herself free.

Jan zipped back to her empty outfit and pulled the pill box out of a pocket. It was like watching a tiny Ben lifting Johnny's car before he crumbled it into a ball and threw it at him. I noticed Jan's bra and panties shrank with her. (She later told me she had all her undergarments treated for the same reason she carried the pill box. Just in case she had to go Waspy without the costume. Only in the comic books, TV and movies do super heroes actually wear their costumes under their clothes. Seriously. We are talking about two pairs of footwear here.) She opened the box and took out a green and blue capsule. Carrying them both she returned to me. (Dropping the green on onto my lap and placing the blue one into my hand.

"Don't let go of it. You'll need it later."

After peeling off my gag, without getting stuck again, Jan retrieved the green capsule and popped it into my mouth.

"Bite down on it."

I did. And I found myself not only free of the rope that bound me but also buried in an avalanche of dress.

"Sue? Can ya move about so I can see where you are?"

"I can do you one better." I replied. I then made the section of dress I was buried alive in transparent. Jan was practically hovering over me.

"I thought that was a new outfit." She smiled. "Fortunately your dainties aren't."

The dress WAS new. I didn't have a chance to treat it with unstable molecules yet. And Jan was right about my "dainties."  As you know I CAN make my clothing invisible along with the rest of me if I concentrate and keep at it. But the unstable molecules make it an automatic function. Fortunately my underwear also automatically shrank with the rest of me.

"Good thing." I answered. "Don't like fighting evil Au Naturel. Can you get me out of here without damaging my dress? It hasn't even appeared on my credit card statement yet."

"You're near an opening, Sweetie. Hang on. And tuck that capsule into your bra. Make it as snug as possible. You'll need both hands free."

This wasn'the first time I'd gotten shrunk. Dr. Doom, and his mad obsession for revenge against Reed, has that dubious honor. It was also the first time the Fantastic Four entered the Microverse AND the first time we met Ant-Man. Jan had just recently become his partner. But for some reason she wasn't a part of that particular adventure.  I should ask her about that.

Jan got me out of my dress. And as we hovered over my abandoned attire I was just as astonished by how big everything was now as I was then. The locked door was a twenty mile hike on foot at least. But thankfully Jan was strong enough to carry me all the way over. We got there in a matter of seconds.

After crawling beneath the door Jan took my hands again and we were airborne once more. We got a lay of the land and pinpointed each of our captors. One of them was wearing a waiter's uniform. He must have been a plant or possibly the ringleader. He was standing over a hostage. A redheaded woman. The only one not locked up. Though still bound and SERIOUSLY gagged. They must have wrapped a whole role of tape around her mouth. She looked familiar.

Jan chuckled.

"That's Chili Storm. Any relation?"

Chili Storm? Where have I...? Oh yes. A model. Johnny used to have a poster of her in his room.

"No. I hear she's a bit of a prima donna."

"And the Hulk is a bit tempermental." 

From what Jan and I overheard, these guys were only here to rob us. Once they had gotten their loot they would have tied us up, (hence all the available rope), and leave. They didn't want a murder rap. So when the police arrived, and surrounded the place, they took us to different rooms where we were bound and locked in. With us out of the way there would be no chance of someone being accidently killed. 

From the looks of it they were trying to bluff their way out.

I was curious as to why Chili Storm wasn't locked up like the rest of us. Was it because she was famous? A "name" that could be used as a bargaining chip? Judging from that wraparound gag and the way that waiter was taunting her there was obviously some bad history between the two.  Perhaps she was that difficult customer that had their meals spit upon before being served. Maybe they were ex-lovers. (Yeah, right. And Johnny reads Shakespeare.) An obsessed fan who discovered the woman of his dreams was a nightmare. Possibly he was some radical that thought it unfair she could be so rich just by having her picture taken while honest hard working people barely got by. Whatever the reason the verbal abuse could easily turn to physical abuse at the drop of a hat.

The time to act was now.

"Okay we know where they are." I said. "Let's do this."

"Lead on, McDuff."

We landed and I proceeded to pull the capsule out of my bra. Suddenly an idea hit me.

"Jan. I didn't exactly walk a mile in your shoes. But I have worn them for a little bit. Want to try mine on for size?"

"Puns, Susan? That is so beneath you."

I SWEAR I didn't know I did it.

Jan then smiled a wicked smile. "But I like the idea. Let's do it."

To be continued by :icondaniel-remo-art::icondave-dreamer:

Susan Storm, the Invisible Girl and Janet Van Dyne, the Winsome Wasp (c) MARVEL whose SOLE remaining lifeline to :icondave-dreamer:'s wallet is the soon to end Fantastic Four. 

Commission for :icondave-dreamer: thanks for the commission.

1st Ladies: Sharing Each Other's Shoes 01 by Daniel-Remo-Art



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